Make sure the nose piece is all the way down at (4x) scanning and the cord is wrapped around the base, if it isn’t let the teacher knowUse lens paper to clean to clean all lens, without wasting the lens paper (ex. cleaning stage or slides)After the microscope has been plugged in, set the diaphragm on 1 or 2 Place a ruler right-side up under the microscope, with a  5 cm mark over the opening on the stageLook through the eyepiece, which is supposed to be at 10X for this lab and draw or take a picture of what you see, in the lab write-up section answer questions 1-5Answer question 6 after you move the ruler to the 5 cm hash mark on the left edge of the microscopic fieldSwitch to the second largest objective or 10X, after you look through the microscope answer question 7-11Switch to the highest power or 40X and answer questions 12-13Part 2: Human HairsPluck 2 strands of hair, 1 from each partner and construct a wet moundPlace both of the hairs crisscross on top of a clean and dry microscope slide, place water on the hairs and place a cover slide at a 45 degree angle on the drop of waterReadjust the cover slide if bubbles show under the cover slideCenter the slide, focus and switch it to the lowest power 10XSwitch to 40X, after focusing answer questions 14-19  and draw the hairs under high power in the Data Collection SectionFollow the “After Finishing the Lab Procedure” when done with the Microscope Part 3: Dissecting MicroscopePlug in the dissecting microscope and answer question 20Pay attention the where the light is coming from when you turn on the 3 different settings for the light and answer question 21 Answer question 22-25 after you place your fingertip under the microscopePick up the prepared slides of Planaria and hydra and leave it in its dish, then place it under the microscope and turn on the substage lightWith Lincoln memorial side facing up, place the a $5 bill under the microscope and answer question 27Follow the “After Finishing the Lab Procedure”After Finishing the Lab:Make sure you the microscope is on scanning powerCoarse adjustment should be turned down all the wayWrap cord around base, as it should have been before started part 1Throw the hairs awayClean out the sinkDry the slides and cover slide, without damaging themStaple $5 bill to lab when turning in ( Just kidding, DO NOT DO THIS!)