Another feature that works very well, and add a great value to the website is “Style Guide”, it’s an individual product description with outfit suggestions, high quality invisible mannequin images with 360 degrees rotate, behind -the – scenes photo shoot video’s and fashion tips. 2. Reasons to “buy – into” H&M online experience. H&M website is a great example of an effective e-marketing, because their aesthetic appeal and interactivity options create pure fun experience for its users. It also gives a sense of credibility by providing access to their corporate information and annual reports.

The fact that company wants to share those sort of information helps the potential customer to “buy -in” to their website. H&M is famous for doing collaborations with different high -profile designers and celebrities like Madonna, Karl Alleged, Jimmy Coho or most recent Sonic Riskily. Every time this limited-edition collection NAS I s premiere In H&M Nell-street store I t takes Tee umlauts Tort most AT the garments to be sold out. H&M website provides all its fans with detailed information about the up- coming designer and its collection.

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Potential customers can view most of the designs and find out which stores are going to sell them. This and many other features listed above make people want to came back, in many cases check this web site on the weekly or monthly basis which is a great achievement for a high – street brand. H&M fashion is targeted at young audience who likes anything that is innovative, fresh and up-to-date. That is why website that supposes to be visited by them must have at least those three features.

Young consumers love a bit of interactions, especially when shopping, and not many online fashion sites provide that. Site serves different purposes for different regions, creates a unique shopping experience (in some countries) and provides useful and updated content in clear and intuitive layout. Interactive options are appealing to users and do a good Job at motivating actions. 3. Organization’s user-friendliness and security concerns. H website is well organized, interesting and reduce the risk associated with eying online, while the fun-factor of shopping is preserved.

The site is fairly user friendly. For potential customers visiting this site for the first time different options are clearly presented and easy to navigate. People concern about collection and use of personal information can easily find the company’s policy on that matter. According to H&M’s website policy H Wholesale is committed to protect your privacy and develop technology that will give you the most powerful and safe online experience. H Wholesale does not sale, rent or lease its customer lists to third arties.