Margaret Thatcher known as Iron lady was UK’s very first female Prime Minister for three consecutive terms,1979-1990. Her policies on weather and economics became a complete political philosophy called Thatcherism. It also became a part of a worldwide neoliberal movement in the 80’s. She was given the title of Iron Lady by a Soviet newspaper following a speech she gave in 1976, which is proudly claimed and owned for the rest of her life Campbell, J. (2003).

1.     Discuss the unique challenges Thatcher faced as the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister.

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In 1959, Thatcher was elected as Person in Parliament for Finchley. By 1961, she was presented with a junior office in the supervision of Harold Macmillan, Leading Minister from January 1957 to Oct 1963. If the Conservatives were in Opposition from 1964-1970, Thatcher dished up constantly in a variety of shadow pantry positions and was appointed Education Secretary when Edward Heath became Best Minister in 1970 Campbell, J. (2003). The Heath administration was elected on assurances of economic revival that might be spurred by producing more free market plans and taming the trade unions but became one of the very most interventionist government authorities in the British record. Thatcher herself experienced a hard job as Education Secretary at the level of pupil radicalism, with protesters disrupting her speeches, severe criticism in the opposition press for not being libeal enough, and criticism from Conservatives for veering too much left.

The Thatcher authorities had pledged to carefully turn Britain’s financial drop around, mainly by increasing fees and controlling the budget. Because of the springtime of 1981, restoration had begun, accompanied by eight many years of steady development. Thatcher confirmed her confidence, dedication, and decisiveness again through the Falklands War–on Apr 2, 1982, Argentina invaded the British-held Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island. Although she first pursued a diplomatic image resolution, a British military service task make was on-hand when that work failed. The Falklands were back again under United Kingdom control in 74 times, with Argentina surrendering on June 14, 1982.

The Conservative authorities were reelected in June 1983 using its Parliamentary bulk which more than tripled to 144 car seats. The government encountered as many troubles as it possessed during its first term. The labor movements resisted the government’s trade union reforms, with the miners’ union heading on a violent, year-long punch from 1984. The union was eventually defeated, and the Labor Opposition silently accepted the success of the trade union legislation, pledging never to change key components.

In Oct 1984, the Irish Republican Military bombed the hotel Thatcher and a lot of her case were residing in through the Conservative Party gross annual conference. She experienced refusal to meet their political demands, particularly through the 1980-1981 prison cravings for food attacks. Thatcher was unhurt although several acquaintances were one of the dead and wounded, and she made an appearance the next morning hours, defiant and undeterred from carrying on with the seminar. In 1985, she authorized the Anglo-Irish Contract with Irish Best Minister Garret FitzGerald. The treaty set up the Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Meeting, which offered the Irish federal government an advisory role in North Ireland’s administration and confirmed North Ireland’s constitutional position. Even though the agreement didn’t immediately end assault in North Ireland, it was important in the tranquility process by increasing cooperation between your English and Irish government authorities.

Divisions in the Traditional get together became more noticeable in the middle to overdue 1980s. The Westland Affair, a 1986 politics scandal relating to the buyout of economically troubled English helicopter producer Westland, led to the resignation of two of Thatcher’s cupboard people. Thatcher was also seriously criticized for allowing US warplanes to travel from British Isles bases to strike goals in Libya. Undaunted by the criticism, Thatcher intimated ideas for more reforms through the Conservative Party’s gross annual conference in Oct 1986 and, because of her financial plans that led to a strong United Kingdom market, the Conservative Get together prevailed again in the overall Election in June 1987. Thatcher’s third term in office was designated by reforms to the training system, Countrywide Health Service, and the neighborhood government taxes system or poll taxes, as it became known. At the same time, the finish of the Cool Warfare revived the task for an individual European money and long-standing divisions in the Conservative Get together over this matter gave climb to an issue to Thatcher’s authority. Inside the ballot that used, she triumphed in but by an inadequate margin and resigned as Primary Minister on November 28, 1990, choosing John Major as her successor (Editors, T. G. (16 November 2011.).

2.     What was Thatcher’s main leadership style? Explain.


            Margaret Thatcher had amazing personality traits in her public persona. Politically she was very well trained and her personality supported her talent in self-confidence, dominance, expressing her view, strong moral belief and her courage to take difficult decision was shown in her leadership style Campbell, J. (2003). My views about the leadership quality of Thatcher’s with respect to four styles of leadership are given below:

Trait Theory Leadership

Individuals who have been labeled as great or effective market leaders have completely different characteristics. Margaret Thatcher showed a capability to get around a cut-throat world of United Kingdom politics. She was focused and determine to the issues. She was a seriously well composed personality who never reacted according to current situations but tried to get along term solution (Byron, A., Thatcher).

Autocratic Leadership

Margaret Thatcher in the Film Iron Lady is an Authoritarian also called an Autocratic Head as per my understanding. Autocratic leaders have a tendency to be handling characteristics and shoot for Authority and Vitality.

Inside the film, the next Autocratic Leadership features shown are:

·      Clear direction.

·      Little or no insight from the overall population.

·      Clear separate between innovator and population.

·      Little time for group decisions.

Transformational and Transactional Theories and her Leadership Style:

·      Transformational Management styles

·      Transactional Management styles

Maybe it’s argued that Margaret Thatcher exhibited a Transactional design of leadership. That is based on the theory that an innovator forms a romantic relationship with the customers of the group predicated on rewards. These could come by means of recognition and compliment. For instance, the capitalist and ‘Yuppie’ culture of the 1980s.

Alternatively, if the romance was to be strained reprimands could be granted.

A Situational Activity orientated leader

A Situational Contingency Activity orientated innovator results from the discussion of authority style and situational favorability. She never showed any signs of a situational oriented leader. She was more of a composed person who came to power step by step. She faced many challenges by never showed any depression.

3.     Use the movie to show where Thatcher displayed the four types of leadership styles discussed in Unit 1.


The political views of Margaret Thatcher were greatly inspired by the behavior and values of her dad. She obviously establishes herself an objective and her self-confidence helped her in lots of ways. Undoubtedly, she resided by particular key points (Editors, B. (2017, April 27). It ought to be known that the distinguishing feature of Thatcher was her uncompromising insistence in securing to those key points. Once she shaped coverage she tended by all and any means never to retreat from utilizing it. The fantastic advantage Thatcher got over her political opponents both outside and inside her own get together, was that, as get together leader as Best Minister, she organized powerful positions in the get-together and in the state of Hawaii while skillfully with them. Regardless of the pressure bordering her, and even though many disagreed with her coverage, she nonetheless honored her own views.

For me, in line with the theories of management, Margaret Thatcher will be one of the “Great Men”, though she didn’t quite have all the required qualities. Specifically, she not blessed to be great (like monarchs), the greatness she achieved was her own. She had not been deified: quite contrary holds true.  Her guideline was an extremely difficult period in the lifespan of the United Kingdom. Thatcher’s system of federal conflicted with the required view of culture “shared” by the country (Wikipedia. (2011, nov).

Thatcher’s premiership was an interval designated by high lack of employment, popular unrest, and regular attacks. On the problem of lack of employment, most critics blame her economic policy, that was strongly inspired by the ideas of monetarism. This issue, subsequently, has led indirectly to public problems including the spread of medication habit and family divorce.  Speaking in Apr 2009 in Scotland, on the eve of the wedding anniversary of its thirty-election as Perfect Minister, Thatcher insisted that she had not been by any means sorry on her behalf activities during her premierships, like the problem of the advantages of the poll taxes and non-subsidizing of “outdated industry whose market segments were in drop. ” However, to followers of Thatcher, she remains a politics figure who was simply able to restore the British market, result in a significant blow to the energy of the trade unions also to rebuild the image of Britain as a global electricity. During her premiership, there is a rise from 7 to 25% in a number of British people who owned stocks, and several million family members have purchased a residence formerly held by the municipal councils, which increased the number of homeowners from 55 to 67%. Total personal riches increased by 80%. Success in the Falklands Warfare and an in-depth alliance with America are believed two of her major accomplishments.

Thatcher was the longest running PM in the twentieth century, she was fearless and most importantly knew what she was doing. One important factor that makes a leader a great leader is his/her vision Campbell, J. (2003). She had this quality of clear vision what she was doing, she never looked confused in any decision. Always expressed her thoughts perfectly. The Iron lady movie has many seen where she shows that what a leader is all about, she took stance on many occasions starting from fighting election for the conservative party head to becoming the prime minister and facing all those challenges with grit and courage. She was without any ambiguity or doubt a true “Iron lady”.