Cuban is an American entrepreneur, businessman, investor and a
philanthropist. He was born on July
31, 1958
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mark’s father was an automobile
upholster, while his mother worked different jobs. Mark first stepped
into the business world at the age of 12, where he sold garbage bags
to pay for a pair of basketball shoes.

than attending High school for his senior year, he enrolled as a
full-time student at the University of Pittsburgh. While attending
the university he held a variety of jobs including disco dancing
instructor, bartender and party promoter. After a year at the
University of Pittsburgh, he moved to the Indiana University where he
graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in management.

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1982 Mark moved to Dallas, where he started working as a bartender.
He then started working as a sales person for Your Business
Software, which was one of the earliest PC retailers in US, where he
was fired after a year.

stated his first business. MicroSolutions, with the support from
previous customers from his last job. MicroSolutions was at first a
software reseller and system integrator. In 1990. Mark sold the
company to CompuServe for almost $6 million. On the deal he made
almost $2 million.

1995, Todd Wagner, Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban started Audionet, which
combined their mutual interest in webcasting. in 1998 Audionet became By 1999, had expanded to 330 employees
and a revenue of $13.5 million. That Year during the dot com boom, was sold to for $5.7 billion in Yahoo! stock.

the sale of, Mark expanded his business empire to avoid
a market crash. Mark continued to work along side Wagner in another
business 2929 Entertainment, which provides distribution of videos
and films.

the 4th of January, 2000, Mark purchased majority share in the NBA’s
Dallas Mavericks for almost $285 million. Mavericks were not doing
too good in the NBA with a 40% win rate. However, after that takeover
the team’s winning percentage went upto 69% and finally winning the
NBA finals in 2011.

firm 2929 Entertainment purchased Landmark Theaters, a chain of 58
movie theaters,
on September 24, 2003. The firm produced many movies and TV shows.

Cuban is also the co-founder of AXS TV (Formerly HDnet), it was the
first HD satellite
television network. Cuban appeared
on the cover of premium issue of Best magazine in 2003, where he
announced the arrival of HD television.

2004, Cuban produced a TV reality show The
Benefactor. Which
was later on cancelled due to poor viewer ratings.

2005, Mark tried to purchase another sports team. This time he was
interested in buying the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins. Unfortunately his
bid was rejected by the franchise owner.

also expressed his interest in buying a number of Major League
Baseball (MLB) team. Mark tried to bid on a number of teams but
unfortunately all of his bids were unsuccessful.

is also the owner of IceRocket, it is a search engine that searches
the blogoshpere to find the required content. He was a partner in a
company called the RedSwoosh, that uses peer-to-peer technology to
find software and videos to PC users, which was later on acquired by
Akamai. He was also an investor in a company called Weblogs , which
was acquired by AOL.

Cuban has always encouraged new entrepreneurs and start-up businesses
and invested his money with them, in the year 2005, Mark Cuban
invested in a firm called Brondell Inc., this was a start up
business, that manufactured a high-tech toilet seat called Swash.
also invested in a company called Goowy Media Inc., this was an
internet software startup company.

July 2006, Mark invested in another company called,
this website was used to uncover fraud and misinformation in the
publicly traded companies.

Cuban collaborated with Mascost Brooks to publish a book called
Go, Marvs!”
in April 2007. Mark wrote his first e-book called “How
to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

, which was quite successful.

started another company called,
investigated and researched the U.S Government’s bailout of the
financial institution
for $700 billion.

2011, Mark Cuban was listed in the Forbes’ list of “World’s
Richest People” on No. 211, his net worth at that time was
around$2.6 billion.

Cuban has always been a big supporter of new entrepreneurs. He has
tried to help new entrepreneurs by his expert advise and by
investing with them. So Mark Cuban became an investor in a reality
show called “Shark
in 2011. This show allows new entrepreneurs

to pitch their business plan to investors. Mark Cuban has been a part
of this reality show for several years, he has invested almost $20
million in 85 businesses and gone on the develop these small
businesses into large organizations.

also owns Magnolia
Pictures, which
is a film distribution company. Magnolia Pictures financed many
movies and was responsible for distribution of many movies as well.

Cuban is not just a businessman, he is a philanthropist as well. He
has always believed

in giving back to the society and helping poeple and the community.
Mark created a charity call Fallen
Patriot Fund in
helped the families of the U.S. military who were killed or injured
during the war.