Marketing is a process to promote
something for selling purposes for the sake of money. Marketing is also used to
aware people about products and services provided by any company or
organization so, people can buy that product or services for their use and to
fulfill their needs from it. (Business Dictionary)

Marketing functions plays the important
role in the company to identify the source potential for successful marketing
and the sources are exact and suitable place with the perfect price, promotion
and the people. It is very important to pay attention on the functions of
marketing as they are the source potential of the organization and just because
of that marketing strategies got successful.

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Operational management helps the
management of the organization to create the higher level of efficiency within
an organization so that the organization can run successfully. Its aim and
concern is to maximize the profit of the company by converting the labor and
materials into goods and services and provides the best operations and services
using latest technology tools.

Operational management functions are
responsible for the process of creating goods and services and the way they are
managed by the organization. Its functions includes the following, planning,
organization, co-coordination and controlling. Any organization needs all these
sources to produce its goods and services. It plays a very important role to
run any organization in a successful way. Both marketing and operational
management functions are the main source to manage the organization in a well
standard way and also responsible for its promotion. For any successful
promotion of a product and services, the management of the company needs to
know the perfect place with a complete planning that where the company is going
to promote its products and services, and what planning and strategies they are
going to use for their promotion. The organization have to select their
targeted areas including the people in that area or society which includes the
age factor and gender division as well as the organizing factors which the
organization is going to follow. Like, if the product is for boys or girls or
either way if it is for both of them. Division of gender makes the marketing
process really easy for the organization to promote their products and choose
their consuming targets and select their strategies. So, marketing and
operational management functions are the most important functions for organization
and plays a vital role to grow the economy of the organization.

Moreover, it also helps the organization
to coordinate and control the promotional strategies according to the price of
its products and services. Literally, the organization works perfectly when the
both functions coordinates and works together.

Nature of quality can conflicts because
of lack of coordination between two business functions in respect of following

Actual Quality is concerns with
the quality of the products and services provided by the organization. If the
quality of the product is quite good and dependable than the company can plan
with more financial sources to introduce the product in the market. If the
coordination between the product and quality is not that good than the company
cannot relay financially on the product’s promotion and also cannot select its

Customer’s Expectation is clearly
concerns with the customers and the consumer market. If there is no
coordination or if there is lack of coordination in between the business
functions regarding their customers than the company can bear a huge loss in
profits and can lose their customers as well as their reputation in market. When
the company is doing promotion for any of its product they should keep few
things in their priority including customer’s expectation regarding product’s
reliability and price. Customers will only gave preference to any company’s
products when it is cheap and according to customer’s expectations. If the
product or service of the company is not according to the customer’s
expectation, the company will lose its reputation in consumer market and that
only will happen when there is lack of coordination in between the functions of
marketing and operation management.

Customer’s Satisfaction or
Dis-satisfaction when the company will promote its products, according
to the business functions of marketing and operation management, they will get
customer’s satisfaction regarding their products and services because the
functions of business tells us everything about the promotion and the strategy,
what a company is going to follow to fulfill the needs of their customers and
get their attention towards their products and make them satisfy.

All the above given research elaborates
the importance of coordination in between the business functions of marketing
and operation management and the following research also shows that what a
company can bear if there will be the lack of coordination between the business

These two business functions (marketing
and operational management) have lots of importance in business market
and plays a vital role to build company’s reputation in consumer market. Because
of their coordination a company can promote its products and services in a
successful way and can make more profits than a company can expect. With the
help of these functions a company can choose different methods of promotion and
can do more marketing by using new marketing strategies. It makes the
management’s work easier and faster in an assembled and managed way. It also
gives a better chance and more time to the management of the company to plan
the marketing strategies and implement on them like a more professional way to
run the product in the market. It also gives enough time to the marketing team
to read and go through the market before they introduced their product and launch
it in the market.

Every company should work with that kind
of coordination between business functions, so they can get success on the
launch of their new products and services and also can achieve their company’s