McDonald’s Coffee VS Wendy’s Coffee in my OPINION In the past few months, I have got more of a liking with McDonald’s coffee and specialty coffees more than the Wendy Coffee brand itself. I find the quality and taste to be a little off each time I go to Wendy’s and a lot of the times they get my order wrong and they sometimes put little or no sugar and the cream sometimes is not enough or there is too much of it, the coffee roast seems to have been burnt, or the taste is a little off.

Whereas I go to McDonalds and each time I do order they know the exact amount to put for me and each time is always perfectly done to my standards. I also think McDonalds is smarter in terms of the sizes of the cups, the specials they come up with, the coupons that are mailed out to all the homes. Here is my evaluation of the comparison between McDonalds and Wendy’s Coffee and my opinions on both: McDonalds offers great deals, and sometimes they give free coffees on promotions.

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They send coupons to my home and every other home, the cup sizes are so awesome, the caps are properly designed to fully enjoy that cup of java, the workers at McDonalds give me just the right amount of cream and sugar, no more and no less, they always get my order right and they make sure it’s perfect all the time and they give free refills on the coffees only. I have never had to send my coffee or especially coffees back to be modified and redone again.

I have become such a huge fan of the way McDonalds has changed their menus all around and it’s so great to have these coffees there too. It’s a great marketing and business strategy. A lot of my friends and family enjoy McDonalds now too more than Wendy’s Coffee itself. I will be going to McDonalds more often for my java fix. I feel that Wendy’s Coffee needs to improve on many things, and the way coffee’s and specialty coffees are served.

When I go most of the time I always have to re-assure them to make my coffee the right amount and put cream and sugar as I want and they don’t do it and sometimes they do put them, but they don’t mix it and when I get to the bottom of the coffee, the sugar stays down there and it is ever so sweet. The cup sizes and the caps need to be improved, instead of using two cups to not burn the person who is holding the cup, they need to come up with better cups. Also a refill wouldn’t hurt of the coffee.

I sometimes go and my coffee is either burnt, or it’s not as fresh. The only things I do like at Wendy’s are the soups, the light cream cheese bagel and the orange juices. I do not mean to offend the workers at Wendy’s the franchise itself and the way they run business, but this is just an opinion of a customer who has been through terrible experiences and I am not really stepping foot in there anymore unless I go with friends or something but by myself no.

Now on my way to School, the entire service center is now with Wendy. Since I don’t like anymore Wendy’s Coffee, I drive everyday in opposite direction to find my favorite coffee, there I meet Ricardo and Gloria and they know I like 5 cream and 5 Splenda in my Coffee, I talk with everybody and drink my coffee with one extra ingredients ‘fun’. I think McDonalds will be my stop. Wendy has to improve before I go back there again.