Should the government take control of our rights? Roger McGrath use many past events to portray the events that could happen if the government was to take control of our rights. He gives evidence of how the English treated the Scoots and Irish to show that the second amendment shouldn’t be infringed. His main point is that it is God’s given natural right to have freedom.

In “A God-Given Natural Right”, McGrath effectively uses picturesque words to express his reason why we should have the right to bear arms. McGrath uses picturesque words throughout the article to help convince the reader that everybody should have the right to bear arms. McGrath writes, “Death and destruction commonly followed disarmament”(McGrath 381), this creates a vivid picture in the readers mind. This shows that taking away weapons from people, almost always leads to something bad.

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It relates to the reader because it makes them think of a time when they had something taken away from them and all they wanted to do was cause destruction until they got it back. He also uses picturesque language later on when he writes, “Can you imagine the National Rifle Association telling the New York Times that it has freedom of the press but it may not have printing presses… ” (McGrath 382). This quote was definitely meant to be pictured in the adders mind.

McGrath gives an example for the reader to picture in their mind so that the can compare it to the government taking guns away from people. The right to bear arms has been a very controversial topic for a long time. McGrath is able to convey his side of the argument through his picturesque words. This ultimately helps the reader to comprehend his way of thinking much better. Word count: 297 McHugh t sway By tuckermcgaughhhh