Have to say the two characters mainly followed in this story Kurt” and “Marrow’ struggle between who Is the real protagonist. Even though to story clearly depicts Marrow as the protagonist It still push you to feel for Kurt and makes you try to Justify his decisions and actions to make him be better then what he Is In the reading. Marrow Is this guy sent to drive a steam boat In the uncivilized Jungles of Africa. Kurt a man torn between revolutionary and slave to the European governments mind games.

Both characters fight to keep their image of being civilized Europeans over many kinds of adversity and inhuman events. Kurt himself is a completely different person already in the Jungle and near complete corruption even though Kurt really doesn’t appear until the book is half over he still plays a big role in the novel showing how the surroundings effect the mind and Justifying others actions. For instance Kurt is near insanity he kills and pikes anyone who gets in his way man or savage.

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When encountered in the story Marrow first meets a Russian trader who seems to be envious and glad to know Kurt. He trader explains that he had known Kurt and has nursed him through two Illnesses but also states that Kurt as Ill again but had no medicine to take care of him. The Russian Is a shelling example of someone Kurt has made act differently than they would normally. The Russian speaks of Kurt and respects him out of fear that he will be killed because he would be rebellious if he stood up for himself.

Kurt indeed was very ill and in the end takes a turn for the worse but before that time comes Marrow learns a few things that the reader can bring together to Justify I good feeling about the tyrant known as Kurt. So we have two very interesting characters both that get many different respective from the reader. Marrow at first seems to be a humble man trying to do his Job while along the way he learns much about himself and the human race. On one end he thinks he will do his time and do his Job and In the end Marrow learns many lessons.

For Instance Marrow has to grasp onto his Innocence and civil ways to ensure he does not lose his mind In the Jungle. Every other page he Is meeting someone new and seeing something Insane, Like the dying man In the accountants office. No one at all cared about the man’s screams, they actually ignored them. And hen of course there’s Kurt an already crazed man who kills on impulse and completely renders himself as the best in his own little world. So which one is really the protagonist in this great novel there are many key issues to debate this issue.

Marrow on one hand is already a civilized man when we meet him and is the main character which instantly makes the reader feel for him and give sympathy simply because they see his side more. Kurt on the other hand is a near insane murder hell bent on keeping himself civilized and look upon as a upstanding man for his work in he field when he really Is oblivious to the fact that he has lost all control of his real self. But there are signs of life in him and really It makes him shine as a good character to me despite his unethical demeanor.

Kurt has a woman back home whom has not left his mind he still hold her picture dear to him, and she soul lives and breathes him all through the story end. Another thing that completely stands out Is ten nor. Nine near AT darkness Itself . T Kurt along words to Marrow were “l en Horror the Horror” This can be taken in many ways but coming from Kurt I believe it as a sign of him knowing his mistakes or could have been his greed wishing he would have been able to be rewarded for his work.

The horror could have been the jungle and everything in it but Kurt defiantly saw the horror of losing his mind and acknowledged that things weren’t quite right. In the end of the story Marrow Visits Kurt widow and the story unfolds into something more the woman loves Kurt so much but never really knows what he turned into she remembers him as such a noble and great man and news him but knows nothing about how he changed. In he end I see Kurt as a hero so to speak in this story.

The story follows Marrow and how he fights change and learns about the life he was thrown into, but through the story everything you learn about Kurt seems to make him a devilish kind of man but without Kurt I don’t believe Marrow would have had enough examples to fully understand what could have been. As the story comes to a close you learn that Kurt played the biggest role in this story making the morals and ideas come to a close with each other, but you also see that he wasn’t always a tyrant he was like Marrow our so called protagonist.

He started a civilized gentlemen that Just wanted to make something of himself so all in all Kurt was the real protagonist he Just lost sight of who he really was in his greed, but in the end pulled together many of the ideas throughout the story, and gave the reader a sense of relief instead of making them think he was a worthless man and stayed a worthless man. This novel had a good story with lots of learning experiences that could be related to things that happen in life today. The heart of darkness was a great novel that I enjoyed and would recommend it to anyone with a desire to enjoy a good book.