I know about praying and waiting in desperate circumstances, in broken hearted hope, in excited anticipation of what could come, and in the hope for someone’s salvation. All areas in which quick answers never really came. “Lord, please let Jon and I have children; please heal my body so that I can have babies in spite of what the doctors are all saying. Let us have the Joy of being parents, Jesus. ” This Is a prayer (and many similar to that) we prayed for eight years. Hoping and walling on HIS answer and fulfillment. “Lord please save my sisters life. Please keep her safe even in the midst of her drunkenness and drugs.

Jesus please keep her alive long enough to come to you for salvation. ” I have been praying this for over 30 years and still I believe for her salvation. I am comforted by the knowledge that He hears my cries and has kept her alive thus far. In fact, last week she approached me about going to church again (she hasn’t gone since she was In middle school)! Least Influential? How can I say that Reading Scripture or Communion are not as Influential? Prayer Is a direct link to the Father and that is a great gift. Being able to openly speak to the Creator of all Is amazing and therefore, yes, most influential.

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However to say that the Scripture or Communion are not as vital is not any easy thing for me to say. Both have brought me closer to Jesus; both have caused my life to change; both are needful In this person’s life. Two other ‘means of grace’ not listed? I would have to say Godly Counsel and Worshiping (singing, playing music, dancing before the Lord). Godly Counsel: Jesus was able to break the chains of my heart when I was in my twenties through the wise and Godly Counsel of my best friend. My friend simply said one sentence about the situation I was in and left me alone.

I thought about that sentence and went through a multitude of emotions and Justifications… In the end I repented and was restored to Jesus. Worshiping: There are times that God’s love, grace, mercy, admonitions, encouragements, Joy , and peace come to me during times of private worship. Corporate worship In a church situation Is fine and the Spirit of the Lord will and does move: but the worship of an individual to her heavenly Father becomes and intimate act. The cares of the world fall away and the ability to simply enjoy and soak up His presence is one of the best part of true airship.

Praise brings Joy and strength. During the terrible days of my baby’s NICE stay I would find myself singing, (Blessed Assurance) “This is my story, this is my song. Parallels my savior all ten clay long. I Nils Is my story, tens Is my song. Parallels my Savior all the day long. ” During those dark and painful times I did not realize that I was praising and worshiping my Lord and gaining strength to face each moment. It wasn’t until we had finally made it through and our son came home that we realized just how Jesus had protected my heart and spirit by singing praises to Him even hen it hurt so bad.