Media in My


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            Media has a duty to keep masses informed and act as the voice of the many
in forming opinions and decisions in the society. I know the most prevalent
media in use today is the internet, which has the greatest impact on the
welfare of many. Some forms of media have lost their popularity over the years
because of technological advancement, convenience, and ease of access to
information. In my view, print media has lost popularity since the invention of
the radio and television, which were able to deliver information in audio and
visual format. Also, the internet has given a platform for new ways of
conveying information like the famous social media, blogs among others. It is mostly revered as one can send information
in audio, video, text or both over the internet.

Print media

            In my opinion, the print media has
helped us to improve and understand our language. I believe that the print
media is only limited to the literate group, a good newspaper will not only provide the necessary information but also
great entertainment in the form of cartoons, pictures, photographs and other
artistic works to targeted groups. As opposed to other forms of communication,
I believe it is easy to archive and retrieve information from the print media.
Apart from being the archaic form of communication, I have seen most firms and
even governments use it for detailed advertisement, notices among others
especially. In my understanding, information disseminated via print media takes
time to reach targeted groups as information is sent from a central point.
Apart from the high cost of developing the information and sending, I believe
print media is not flexible since no updates can be done once publication has
taken place. It is also costly to send or receive information via print media
especially if the targeted population is large.     


It is obvious that the use of audio sources to send and receive
information was a milestone in communication. In my view, radio provided an
alternative form of communication to the print media because the information
could now reach even the illiterate in the society. I think this media can be
used to disseminate information using language that locals can understand. In
most developing economies, I agree with others who posit that radio is a
powerful tool to educate and create awareness. Sharing of ideas has become a
whole lot easier as scientists and
another specialist can pass their thoughts and information in real time. Since
its invention, the radio has undergone
numerous improvements. Previously, radio waves covered a considerably short
radius, due to improved
technology radio waves can now be propagated
over long distances with minimal distortion. I believe that conveyance of
information through audio will not come to
extinction, but rather it will
evolve and fit in the situation at hand. Despite the development of this
industry, I know that the sent and received information might be distorted due to the unclear signal caused by anomalies such as weather conditions and
other natural obstacles.


The film industry has evolved since the 19th to the 21st
century on the grounds of the need to educate, entertain, and inform. I believe
this form of media has
had the greatest impact on the society.
Motion pictures have a strong influence on the spectators especially regarding
culture, politics, and religion. In my understanding, the film industry has developed to be one of the most used tools in addressing political, religious,
cultural and other important aspects of the
society. However, statistics show that violent crimes have been on the rise
since the advent of the film industry. I think it is because some films profess
aggression and the society tend to mirror their actions.

Concisely, the access to information by the public through the different
forms of media has helped in informing and educating the society. Governments
across the world have tried to let the media be free from external interference
enacting laws and regulations that govern
this industry.