Health care professionals are a vital part of our society. They play a role in the preservation and further improvement of the quality of life. I think the main thing that distinguishes health care professionals from other professions is that they have a direct interaction with their patients or those people that they provide service to. During the course of their interaction, the health care professional becomes a part of their lives. Emotional attachment most of the time, inevitably happens. Therefore, it is a real challenge for the health care provider to have enough distance so as to avoid clouded judgments but also just enough so that their presence would still be felt.

High ethical standards and professionalism should be maintained because I think, it is the foundation of the roles and responsibilities of each health care personnel. Their role in helping alleviate physical sufferings should be in line with helping the patients go through it in terms of emotional aspect. The patients should not feel as being merely subjects during the practice of medical science but as partners in achieving the common goal – improvement and preservation of the quality of life. Pursuance of fame and glory should not be placed over other people’s well beings. Respect should always be present because being a health care professional does not give them a position higher than those who seek their help. Lack of passion and respect for the profession will pull the art and science of medicine backward, back to those times where diseases seem to be a final sentence and where sufferings could not be eased.

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These ethical responsibilities should not end between the health care provider and the specific patient. It should encompass the whole society that could either receive benefit or harm. It should reach not only those people who have direct connection with them, but all of those who may or may not be their patient in the future.

I want to be one of those health care professionals who really embody the true sense of their profession. Someone who admits that apart from being able to touch their patient’s life, the patient has also touched theirs. Someone who has respect for others, for their beliefs and feelings. I would like to be someone who has an open communication with them. I want to become a part of those who initiate change for the betterment of the whole without sacrificing a part of it, however small this part may be.