Meet Chandler Cochran


Chandler Cochran is from Greenwood Village, Colorado. After graduating from Regis Jesuit High School, he attended TCU for two years. Chandler loved life in Texas. He was part of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta where he made several meaningful relationships. However, he is glad to have transferred to DU and occasionally goes back to Fort Worth to visit his friends from the fraternity.

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Chandler is the youngest of three kids and is 21 years old. He describes his family being very close although spread out. His brother is a Georgetown graduate and is moving to Colombia this month where he will be pursuing a career in either real estate or consulting. His older sister currently lives in San Francisco and works for the company DocuSign in the sales department. His father works in commercial real estate and owns a company. His mother works as a tennis instructor and substitute teacher. His grandmother also lives in Denver in the V- Retirement home in Highlands Ranch. She was happily married for around 60 years until her husband past away last year.

Chandler is majoring in Real Estate and the Built Environment. He has spent the last couple of summers working for a general contractor as a laborer and intern. This summer, he worked under a project manager who was tasked with creating several industrial buildings for Prologis and Ekin Johnson. He also worked under an in-house surveyor and learned a lot of field experience. He hopes to one day pursue a field in either construction or real estate in the future.

In his free time, Chandler enjoys to hike, ski, play tennis, run, and practice Krav Maga. He has been skiing since he could walk and some of his first memories are of being dragged behind his father on a leash on the ski hill. His family owns a home in Vail where he spent most of his childhood in the summers and winters. Chandler hopes to study abroad in New Zealand next fall where he hopes to get a job in residential construction to influence his career aspirations.







About Chandler Cochran


Chandler Cochran is a visual learner who is closely balanced in his left and right brain and has bodily kinetic and musical intelligences placed as his highest intelligence. According to Chandler’s learning style quiz, Chandler likes to be involved in his classes and enjoys hands-on sports. Chandler likes to try new things and often dives right in. This is evident as Chandler scored high in musical and hands-on sports intelligence. To be successful in either of these categories, one must try the activity for themselves in order to achieve results.  As a visual learner, Chandler prefers to reference demonstrations, charts, graphs, pictures while trying to retain new information. Chandler struggles with textbooks and may find himself struggling in traditional classroom lectures. Chandler’s lowest scoring intelligence types are logical-mathematical and linguistic which are both hard for visual learners to understand. Chandler has struggled in math

Chandler’s brain is semi balanced with a 67/100 his brain leans more towards the right side. Chandler prefers hands on work. This is a good trait to have for his desired career path of real estate or construction. In this field Chandler can apply creation and innovation which are both strong skills of left brain dominate people. As his brain is somewhat balanced, the two hemispheres work together rather than focus on their differences. While the quiz results claim he is right brained, Chandler still believes he has many of the same traits as a left brainer. The quiz results state Chandler will more often “go with his gut,” but Chandler denies this and thinks very hard while making important decisions. Chandler believes that he has to sometimes make sensible decisions that dictate the course of his life. For example, when choosing to transfer from TCU to DU Chandler did not take the decision very lightly. Chandler also shows traits of the left brain such as being very adventurous and trying new things.

The multiple intelligences quiz exhibits that Chandler is very connected with people through his intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, but also has another wide variety of intelligences. All of his intelligences range by seven points, meaning that he is evenly skilled in several ways. Her top two were music and hands-on sports which correlates with how creative and coordinated he is. His next highest intelligence was his interpersonal intelligence; this also is no surprise Chandler considers himself social and a good speaker. He strongly values his family and enjoys meeting new people. He uses this intelligence to communicate and connect to others that have different t perspectives. Chandler also boasts a very high spatial and visual intelligence which correlates with his visual learning style. Chandler processes every detail of his environment. Chandler’s lowest intelligence types were logical-mathematical and linguistic. This does parallel the other quizzes because a logical and mathematical thinker is able to read something and analyze and understand, but with Chandler he has to experience it to fully grasp on it. Logical and mathematical thinkers also don’t tend to go with their gut and follow their intuition like Brady, but rather analyzes the details and then makes a decision. After taking this quiz, Brady is able to understand these different intelligences and how to use them to her advantage in her life.