The web-site contains no information on a money-back guarantee for this product. Femalite is used by adding drops of the liquid to a small amount of water. It is designed to be used as needed by the individual. Each bottle costs $25. 95 and should last four or five menstrual cycles. The company does offer a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. A woman can take up to eight caplets of Tylenol Menstrual a day, as needed. At this rate, a 32 caplet bottle should last one month.

At the cost of $6.49 per bottle, Tylenol Menstrual would cost $19. 97 for a three-month supply. The web-site contains no information on a money-back guarantee. The product information for these treatments contains varied degrees of information on proper diagnosis of the condition. The web-sites for both Women’s Herbal Hormonal Support and C124 PMS Formula contain disclaimers indicating that the products are not “intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease” (Kyra Therapy Direct, 2009; Biogetica, 2010).

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The Femalite web-site does encourage customers to seek proper diagnosis of the condition, while the Tylenol web-site suggests seeing a doctor if PMS symptoms interfere with daily activities and if these symptoms are not alleviated by common treatments. The Midol web-site only mentions seeing a doctor in case of questions about drug interactions or overdose. The acupuncture website contains no mention of proper diagnosis of the condition and even gives information so that acupuncturists can diagnose the condition themselves.

This research revealed that there are a variety of treatments for PMS. Of these treatments, the drugs are very well-documented, with clear information on usage and ingredients. These are also the cheapest of the treatment options. Of the herbal supplements, Women’s Herbal Hormonal Support is also well-documented, though it is incredibly expensive in comparison. Femalite also seems to have its merits, and the fact that the company encourages users to seek medical care seems to be a good sign.


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