Mentioned before is that they possess an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is an amazing feature that gives shape and support to the body, as well as provides protection from enemies and minimizes injuries. An exoskeleton also decreases the loss of body fluids, and assures advantage to muscles for strength as well as agility in movement. It is able to resist physical and chemical attack. The exoskeleton of an arthropod can either be as flexible as rubber or as hard and rigid as some metals.    The second attribute that makes them so successful is that most arthropods have a small body size. Having a small body size can be somewhat disadvantages since you have to worry about being stepped on constantly by bigger organisms, but the pros outway the cons. If an organism possesses a small body size that minimizes the resources that they need to stay alive and reproduce. To an ant if they find a piece of fruit on the ground that is like a feast to them. In some cases requirements of food from insects are so small that they may only need to rely on one single plant or animal for its entire life. Another advantage of small size is that they can basically hide anywhere from potentially predators. As well as if they possess an exoskeleton it is hard enough so that they are able to burrow between individual rocks, as well as it is flexible enough to let them move through the tiniest cracks. If an organism possess an exoskeleton, small body size, as well as adaptations in colouration that allows the organism to blend in very well with its surroundings and become invisible to anything around them.Being able to fly is another important attribute that some, but not all arthropods have. Since some arthropods such as dragonflies are able to fly that makes them able to escape easily if ever threatened by a predator, it makes them able to escape with ease with very little chance of getting injured. Along with the ability to fly it not only gave them a means of escape, but it also allowed for them to transport themselves farther distances then other organisms. This means that they would be able to spread out to new regions and start populating quickly, thus expanding their species.  Another important attribute that helps tremendously with arthropod success is their reproductive potential. In order to have the best chance for survival if you an insect with a relatively short life cycle, it makes sense to produce a lot of offspring so that the species will not die out. Having a high reproductive potential is key for survival. There are also some adaptations that help to maximize reproductive potential. One example would be that females are able to store sperm for a long time, could be months or years, in the spermatheca, which is a special region of the reproductive system. That means that a single mate can supply the female with enough sperm to fertilize all her eggs that she will be able to produce in her lifetime.