This weekend my classmates and I saw a play called Ludlow, in the Dusty Lo Bon Vivian Theater. The play was a very horrific, historic, and significant to Colorado itself. The play is about those who were killed in the Ludlow massacre of 1914, which was one of the most fatal and catastrophic coal wars of its time. I am not so sure that I really liked this play. This play was the first play that I had ever been too. (Newbie to the theatre! ) From the start of it I really wasn’t sure how it was going to play out.

One hind I didn’t understand in the play was the meaning of the earth monster, and how played into the play. Another thing that I did not understand was why the guns were hanging on the stage where everyone could see them, instead of when they needed to come down. From what I had noticed, the actors seemed scrambled. It was like they barely knew the script itself, and seemed put together very fast. The actors seemed to be more focused on the things that they had to do behind the curtain, then the lines that they had to read to their audience. Something that had bothered me was the lighting queues, they Just seemed off.

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I don’t understand why they did not do a curtain call that was very strange to me. From what I learned in class, the play was scripted in only six weeks, now that does not seem right to me at all. I thought that the acts did work very hard throughout the whole entire play with what little time they had to put together a play! The costumes and makeup were something that I found to be one of the best parts of the play. Since I am new to theatre I am not sure if I understand some of the things I suggested throughout this paper but I do know that It was a very entertaining play for me to watch for my first time.