Kate Remembering Prescription drugs are the most abused drugs today, and many people are not aware that it may be happening to them or someone they know. In past studies, the most severe overdoses and death came from Methadone; also known as Dolphin. Methadone used to be prescribed to wean heroin addicts. It is now prescribed for severe pain. Most people will miss use this drug because doctors are not educated on the facts of methadone. There is a story that hits close to home for me. Aunt Celeste was prescribed Methadone for pain and by her doctor and he gave her a sigh dose.

Because methadone is Just as addictive as heroin, Celeste became addicted to the drug. One time she was driving on the Interstate at about 80 miles per hour and drifted Into the other lane and hit another car. The car she hit spun out. Celesta’s truck flipped over some 20 times and was completely ruined. The police who arrived on the scene said she was lucky to be alive. They picked up the debris that fell out of her car and noticed that the children’s car seats were thrown 100 feet away from the SUB. She is very grateful that she did not have the kids with her.

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After all that she had been through, her doctor gave her even more Methadone for the pain she had after the car accident. Because of her addiction and aberrant behavior, her family could not handle this and they pushed her out of their lives. Her kids and husband did not want anything to do with her. She was always heavily drugged and never remembered anything she did. She was not able to be a mom for her kids and take care of them or her family. It came to a point where the family sat her down and told her she needs to go to treatment for this or she will lose everyone ND we will not talk to her again.

Sadly, this happens to more than Just my family. Doctors are not well educated on the dangers of this drug and often give improper dosage to their patients. Methadone was best known for treating heroin addicts back in 1937. It was first introduced in the united States in ASSES, under the trade name Dolphin; it was a powerful pain control medication for patients with severe pain that could not be relieved with other pain killers. The growing use of methadone to treat pain has had an alarming rate of death due to overdose in the United States.

Since then, the use of the drug as a prescribed pain killer has increased dramatically. In 2001 there were only 531 ,OHO prescriptions written for methadone as a pain killer, but by 2006, that number had increased to 4. 1 million. (U. S Government Accountability Office (2009), “Although Information on methadone-associated overdose deaths Is limited, available data suggest that methadone’s growing use for pain management has made more of the drug available, thus contributing to the rise in methadone-associated overdose deaths,” (Buddy, 2009). The graph below shows ten Increase In tenants.

From you can see Tanat met anon NAS highest rate of death among any other avoids combined. Year Number of Deaths Methadone and other podia deaths, 2001-2006. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Methadone is a more dangerous than other drugs because it stays in the system long after its affects have worn off. Methadone will relieve pain for four to eight hours, but it can stay in the system for up to 59 hours. This means that if the drug is prescribed for pain every four hours or every eight hours, lethal amounts can build up in the body.

It may also cause nausea and severe constipation. In long term users this can dead to a host of digestive problems such as hemorrhoids, indigestion or colon problems. Methadone also causes dry mouth and could lead to tooth decay of used for prolonged periods. Since methadone is absorbed by the human fetus through the placenta, a pregnant woman can have a child born with a dependency to methadone. However, the baby can be treated after birth. If the physician is unaware of the mothers use, the newborn may experience respiratory difficulties.

The toxic effects of an overdose can be treated with Malone. Malone is preferred to the newer, longer acting antagonist maltreatment. Despite Methadone’s much longer duration of action compared to either heroin and other shorter-acting Zionists, and the need for repeat doses of the antagonist Malone, it is still used for overdose therapy “Methadone has unique pharmacological properties that make it different from other avoids, and as a result, a lack of knowledge about methadone among practitioners and patients has been identified as a factor contributing to these deaths,” (U.

S Government Accountability Office (2009), Thousands of Americans rely on prescription painkillers for the relief of pain and discomfort from ailments such as teaches, menstrual cramps, surgery recovery or lingering pain from an injury. Unfortunately, for many, this reliance on medication can easily and unknowingly turn into physical dependence. Over time, it is common for individuals taking prescription medications to grow tolerant to the effects of their prescribed dose. Changes in a person’s normal behavior can be a sign of dependency.

How can you help out a friend or family member? Be aware of changes in their behavior. Take these change seriously and get them the help they need as soon as you see the changes in their behavior or attitude. Don’t make them feel like they are an addict. Help them out to find the correct way to our drug of drug dependency. Who do we blame for this problem? It is hard to see whether this is caused by doctors with not enough education on the drug or by patients who abuse the drug and use more than they should. To fight the methadone overdose problem, the U.

S Government Accountability Office suggests a focus on education to teach doctors how to safely monitor their patients. Also to provide ample knowledge to the patients that are on Methadone or any other Prescription drug that may be addictive. While methadone is molly given to help with pain relief it is also given to help people with drug addictions as well. The reason they use methadone for this treatment is has the same phenomenological salutary (Hugest, standards, & Letterman, 2 People won have built a tolerance up to heroin may have a better chance at surviving a relapse while on methadone.

However, sometimes the Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MAT) was not done properly so deaths have been associated with the cause of methadone. Putting them in a medical maintenance practice will allow a physician to meet the needs and wishes of the patient and making it possible for them to lead a utter lifestyle without the dependency to medication. In most cases patients respond well to the opportunity to manage their treatment medically and will go on to lead lives not limited by the medications that were needed daily.

Methadone tapering works best when done as a slow and gradual reduction in dose, dropping 5 MGM every three to 14 days. At this rate there should be very few, if any, physical symptoms during the taper. Once the dose is lowered to around 20 MGM, the tapering may be slowed down to an even more gradual reduction, to reduce or eliminate any symptoms. Nowadays, most methadone providers will allow you to choose the rate at which your dose is reduced. (Wisped, 2010).