German science-fiction film, was made In 1927. Although the movie Is silent and the plot Is not so powerful, It has an Important value In terms of expression of political ideas. Metropolis shows relations between worker class and capitalist rulers. The movie demonstrates the dealings between the two ones and the criticism of excessive capitalism by Democratic Socialism. It is a fact that workers of industrialized Europe countries had serious problems in 19th century. The people were working in unhealthy, dangerous and awful notations.

Even women and children were exploited extremely by capitalists for earning more money. The movie shows these problems. The people live In the depths; they work for long hours without any rest. Moreover, explosions of the machines cause death of a lot of workers. While workers are oppressed, capitalists just entertain and enjoy their comfortable life in the big towers of Metropolis. They did not do anything to prevent the accidents and justify their actions by saying that “These kinds of accidents are unavoidable”. Actually, there Is big Dillon between fatalists and working class.

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Mr.. Foreseen, the capitalist ruler of Metropolis, does not even know his workers. In these horrible circumstances, democratic socialism appears and intends to solve the vital problems. Democratic socialism as an ideology supports conception of communal harmony. Social democrats argue that sense of community and fraternity are key concepts in the process of taming excesses of capitalism. Marl and Fred represent democratic socialism Ideas. While Freezer, son of Mr.. Foreseen, Is spending his leisure time In a beautiful garden.

Maria comes with workers’ children and says them “Look… These are your brothers. ” Actually, these words illustrate the fraternity idea in democratic socialism. Maria supports cooperation and unity among laborers. She thinks that they can overcome alienation of labor in this way. Democratic socialism ideology aims at taking measures against capitalism. However, unlike Marxism, It supports evolutionary change rather than revolution. According to this Ideology, people can transform capitalist value Into socialist values in an evolutionary way.

In the movie, Marl tells a story about Tower of Babel and emphasizes mediator factor. She does not want revolution. Actually, in the movie we see horrible results of the revolution efforts. The robot, copy of Maria, characterizes Orthodox Marxism. It causes disasters. The robot encourages people to destroy machines and kill the capitalist’s son. However, these efforts make people’s life worse. In the end of movie, It Is shown that Fred, son of Mr.. Foreseen, plays mediator role. He establishes unity between capitalists and workers.

Actually, this Is introduced as the victory of democratic socialism. All in all, it is a fact that Metropolis is an influential movie. This film shows us different features of various ideologies that their impacts are still active in today’s politics. These ideologies are classical liberalism, democratic socialism and Marxism. The capitalist ruler of Metropolis characterizes classical liberalism. The robot copy of Marl symbolizes Marxism. Marl and Fred represent democratic socialism. In the movie, excessive capitalism Is snow as Totally, Ana introduced as a middle way. Democratic socialism Is