• Workspace Toolbar
Its Function is to display all the contents of your newly-created application
• Frame Editor
Where you create and set up all the objects that are going to be used in your application
• Event Editor
Where you can code the events that make your application “alive”
• Event List Editor
Alternate way you can code your events display of the events in this editor is done in a list
• Properties Toolbar
Interface element that’s used to show and edit the properties of the selected application, frame, or object
• Storyboard Editor
Where you edit the sequence and the basic properties of the frames of your application
• Navigation Toolbar
Allows you to quickly cycle between MMF2 editors
• Objects List
Quickest way to find an object you have implemented
• Cloning
Creates a totally new object with the same looks and properties as the original
• Duplicating
Creates a new occurrence of the same object
• Run Toolbar
Enables you to quickly test your whole project