intrinsic, the innate curiosity that makes us want to figure things out
attitude, community, instruction, and rewards
the most important components of teachers role are :
expectations, collaboration, reading and writing competence, and choice
the most important components of students role are:
writing process,six traits, and writing genres
writing instruction in middle grades has 3 components:
ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and mechanics
six traits
descriptive, expository, multimedia, narrative, persuasive, poetry
expository writing
used to explain something or present information
generating, organizing, narrowing, elaborating, rereading, revising, proofreading, and formatting
writing strategies
literature focus units
2 to 4 weeks
literature circles (book clubs)
students make book and group choices; at students’ reading level; lasts a week or two; reading and discussion schedule; teacher must like and have read books for a book talk; “intensive study” is student discussions
pre-reading, reading, responding, exploring, and applying
5 stages in reading process
reading workshop
students choose books and respond to books in reading logs and conferences with teacher
writing workshop
students write on topics that they choose themselves and assume ownership of their writing and learning
folklore, fantasies, and realistic fiction
narrative genres
passed from generation to generation; fables, folktales, and myths
imaginative stories
sequence of events involving characters in conflict situations
description, sequence, comparison, cause and effect, and problem and solution
expository text structures (nonfiction books)
concrete poems
collages of words, letters, and symbols; their arrangement on the page, sometimes as a picture or in the shape of an object, helps to convey the meaning
celebrate everyday objects; tells whats good about it and why it’s valued