We will all reach an age when we may feel that we are no longer viable in our chosen profession. Call it a midlife crisis, call it the reality of the work world, but however you approach it is often true that employees of a certain age may become less marketable. In an effort to regain their marketability and add value to the company for which they work, many employees elect to go back to school to further their education and add to their skill set. Of course, the pursuit of a degree such as an MBA – a popular degree choice for those who are looking to excel in the business world – requires a significant commitment of time; time that we certainly do not have as we are already committed to our full time jobs.

But with online MBA programs, even the busiest of executives can head back to school and realize their dream of furthering their education. Through online MBA programs, students are given access to online “classrooms” where they can download lessons, do their reading, and complete coursework.

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An online MBA is not a shortcut; it is not a lower quality degree than a traditional MBA. It is simply an alternative method for achieving that degree for non-traditional students who are simply not able to attend on-campus classes but still want to pursue their education.