The big twist to this story is the body mysteriously disappears in route to the morgue. Without the body an autopsy cannot be performed and his death will remain a mystery unless someone comes forward with information leading to the whereabouts of the body or confesses to the crime. The first man In the house who was last to see Felix before he died was Alfred Fettuccine. He said that he saw Felix sitting on the patio and Joined him. They each had a can of cola and poured them Into cups.

He said that at about 2:pm he went o the bathroom and ten minutes later he found Felix on the floor… Dead. He called to the others about 3:pm. Alfred&s left hand had a cut. He was dressed in tennis shoes and brown sweater. Vera Cruise was said to be taking a walk when Alfred called for help upon finding Felid’s body. She “was wearing a white wool sweater”. The other woman in the house was Kenned Goode. She reported that she went to take a shower and she thought she heard a woman’s voice. It is noted that she had pierced ears.

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The fourth suspect, Gene Poole, says he had taken his dog, Sash, to elk on the beach and that he had taken his sandals off and fallen asleep on the beach. People’s dog Is blind and follows only him and no one else. He was also wearing a white wool sweater. Investigators sealed the crime scene In order to gather evidence. The footprints of Gene Poole and Felix were found along with dog prints. An outline of the body had been made and a trail of blood was found at this site. Also found was a Snicker bar wrapper, an earring, a towel, and a strand of wool.

A notebook was also found with n imprint of writing saying, “Dear Martha, Felix is dead, deed is done. Love, Vera. ” It is in Sender’s handwriting. The fingerprints of Felix and Alfred were found on Felid’s cup and on Alfalfa’s cup were the fingerprints of Alfred and Kenned. Many believe Felix is not dead. It is believed he was seen at the bus station there in town. Could Felix have staged his own death? Why would he do that? Was Felix murdered by greedy “friends”? The answer Is In the forensics.

In studying the evidence minus the body, the hypothesis Is that Felix and Kenned irked together to frame the other three. The evidence that supports this belief is ten Tact Tanat an earring Ana towel were Tuna near ten Day. Remember, Kenned had Just gotten out of the shower and had pierced ears. And what about the handwriting imprint on the notebook? It was also Sender’s handwriting. It seems Kenned had much to gain by helping Felix. He evidently changed the deed to her name for helping him. The big question: why would he Just leave it all behind him and who is Martha?