I had received a call from the mother of my children. Usually, we don’t have very good phone conversations. It’s pretty rare If we do. But I had this paper to write so I figured I would try a bit of mindfulness and see if it would help damper the situation and turn this talk Into a good one. And with some mindfulness it turned out to be just that.

When made to face the one I usually don’t get along with, then I tend to be less in the picture or mind frame because the things that come in this territory come tit hostility, so of course being mindful isn’t (and In this case still wasn’t) going to be easy. But I knew if I tried and it worked then I could create a pattern of better talks. How hard was It to be mindful? Well, It Is usually difficult when we talk, but this time it wasn’t that hard because she wanted to talk about the kids and how they are doing in and out of school. It was nice to hear both of my children are doing very well far in school.

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Also the behavior at home is good too. The only time that other thoughts intruded my mind was when she began to talk about herself or things that did not pertain to ten Kiosk. I en outings Tanat popped up were AT my Torture. No IT A I would ay well In school as I plan too. Also I thought of what I would do that evening, especially since some of my favorite shows would be on that night and I was wondering if my roommates would be home to Join in on the shows and beer drinking (a great thing to do when you have nowhere to go on a Tuesday night).

But it was quite easy to get back on track once she started to talk about the kids again. And what I had learned from all of this is that sometimes, a little mindfulness can turn a situation (even one over the phone where your missing body language and such) that is normally bad and make it not so bad. We had a good conversation about the kids and how well they are doing, no arguments. And if this is what has been brought to light, then I will continue to use this to further make my future calls about the children more pleasant.