‘Minds are like parachutes; they only function when
they are open’ a famous quote from Frank Zappa. In order to know how they’re
similar, you must know their meanings. According to Oxford Dictionary, the mind
is the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their
experiences, to think, to reason, and to feel. A
parachute is a device used to slow the motion of a person or heavy object when
dropped from an aircraft. Both will affect you negatively if closed, both are
beneficial when opened and both won’t work on their own and need to be
activated.                                                                                                                          Firstly, when you
have your mind closed you put a limitation on what can be learned, understood
and what you can grow from. It’s harmful for everyday life as it stops you from
receiving new ideas, information or suggestions. A closed mind isn’t good for a
challenge. Your mind will not expand or thrive if it’s closed. Not opening a
parachute when falling is equivalent to death but if you want to reach the
ground safely you’ll have to open the parachute. The mind is essential for
everyday life and a parachute is essential for
skydiving. Both helps out tremendously when use.                                                                                                                               Secondly,
when the mind is open you receive new information while still holding onto what
you already know. You’re more curious, understanding, and not one-sided. When a
parachute is open everything else slows down. You are able to view the world at
a slower pace. When you have an open mind, you are
willing to know new ideas and your progress, the pace at which you learn,
changes. When you think of people who had an open mind;
you think of Aron Lee Ralston, an American outdoorsman who survived a
canyoneering accident in Blue John Canyon, Utah which lasted five days. Mr.
Ralston was trapped after a boulder had dislodged and pinned him down by the
arm. He amputated his own right arm with just a dull pocketknife. After he
freed himself, he then made his way through the remainder of the canyon where
he abseiled down a 65ft. sheer cliff face in order to reach safety. Do you
think he had a closed mind? If had he had a closed mind would he have had
survived? No, his mind had to have been opened for him to get the idea of
amputating his arm. Any regular person would have just died waiting for someone
to rescue them.                                                                                                                                        Thirdly,
the mind and a parachute doesn’t work on their own. They need something to
activate them. When you’re in class new lessons and topics opens up your mind,
while open all new information is stored for later use and your mind expands.
If you’re taught something repeatedly you won’t learn something new from it. A
parachute doesn’t work on the ground. It needs air to work properly. A
parachute won’t ask ‘Do you want me to open?’ you’ll have to pull the rip cord
in order for it to activate. When activated, a parachute can stop you from
going 80-190 mph to 17 mph. You collect all the passing air in the parachute
and it slows you down. You then glide into/over vast areas, taking in the new
environment.                                                             In
Conclusion, minds are like parachutes and they only function when they are
open. It’s your choice if you want to pull the strings to activate them. They don’t
work on their own. When open they received surrounding information but when
closed you fly past information faster than needed. Will you open them or leave
them close? All of that is up to your choice.