These two character traits are very important for the essence of the story, given that it might be the reason for Tony inviting her for Christmas at his and Jazz house. I suppose, it isn’t a coincidence that the story takes place over Christmas, a season that stands for joy and kindness. It is the time where you cogitate over your life and where you find out what you could have done better. For Tony it means inviting Miss Massey into his and his boyfriend Jazz lives. The main characters in the story are Miss Massey, Tony and Jazz.

It’s through Miss Massey that we first encounter Jazz’s general suspicion of the world, which occurs when Miss Massey uses the word Pack in front of him Ca himself is a Pakistani). The reason for that might be, because of her openness towards people and because she wants to help Jazz to become comfortable around her. Jazz Sahara is a young and unhappy man, who is unemployed and ignored by his family because he is homosexual. He is a part of two minority groups that both are looked down upon, first he is gay and second he is a Pakistani.

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In view of the fact that he has no contact with his family, his boyfriend Tony does everything In his power to please Jazz. Since Jazz expects the worst out of all people and all things, he reacts awfully aggressively towards Tony’s continuous attempts to make him happy. The relationship between Tony and Jazz Is complicated In many ways. The mall reason for this Is that they are a couple who are having problems. The problem Lies with Jazz, who has only recently announced his sexuality to his family.

The whole gay thing Is till very new to Jazz, who Is In fact embarrassed, when MISS Massey sees him In bed together with Tony. This new ‘Identity’ has not been approved by Jazz family and they have therefore washed their hands of their son, what I mean Is that they do not want to have anything to do with him anymore. It seems Like they have caught him off completely, which of course is even more difficult to him at Christmas, which is a time you are supposed to spend time Walt you love ones . Wont’s more Is Tanat en also recently has lost his Job, because his company went bankrupted.

All this anger, hatred and hurt compressed inside him are affecting his relationship with Tony. Tony has a very adequate image of this in Jazz’s ‘talking back’ position. He wants to help, but doesn’t know how. The fact that he does want the relationship with Jazz to work is seen when he realizes that what he wants is not a different man, but a different relationship with the same man. There is no doubt about whether or not Jazz wants to be with Tony when reading to the finish, as he states that he is glad Tony came back to find him.

So all things considered they are very fond of each other, but problems in Jazz’s life, caused by them having a homosexual and therefore different relationship, affects their relationship. In the end it is clear that they will try to handle these problems together. Miss Massey is of course fond of their help, but she seems to be enjoying their company too. When all’s said and done we have three people who all differences from society in their own ways, but who manage to make use of what and who they’ve got to make the most of their lives!