Perhaps the larger impact of e-commerce on labor market can be seen in the form of online Job search. In terms of formal information and services, there would be advantages in the development of more interactive Jobs search sites, allowing job seekers to store search preferences and user profiles, and to follow through Identified vacancies by making online applications. The Internet has become an Invaluable tool for sourcing and recruiting qualified staff.

The ease of posting employment openings, the relatively low cost of advertising and the speed of candidates response has many hiring managers devoting more time than ever before to recruiting online. However, very little Is known about the Importance of online job applications or direct employer Initiated contracts with the potential candidates. Even then, online Job posting has grown spectacularly (Tutor, 2001). Estimates place the number of online Job boards over 3000, the number of active resumes online at over 7 million, and the number of Job posting over at 29 million (Bayle et al. 99: Computer Economics,2000).

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