Retro styles of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have made a real comeback in recent
years and bring a different interior design idea and create a distinct room.
Mid-century retro furniture, décor accessories and lighting fixtures bring back
the old styles giving it a cool stylish and contemporary look.

With bold
colours like purple and green being touted as colours for 2018 with brass and
copper accents being introduced and the comeback of large palms and cacti, now
is the time to add some retro charm into your home.

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retro rooms bring a blend of elegantly relaxed home furnishings and design
materials like glass, colourful plastic, metal and wood.

combination of the retro styles and modern details and the current colours turn
rooms into this year’s seamless living spaces.

shapes and decoration patterns with straight lines, soft curves look great with
copper, brass, glass and wood in rooms designed in retro styles. Furniture,
lamps and accessories in retro styles help add a sentimental feel to modern

colours of wooden furniture, red, black, pink, yellow, turquoise and aqua blue
are perfect choices for interior decorating in retro styles.

The 50’s, 60’s
and 70’s styles bring the past into the present bringing a touch of
contemporary and innovative styles into to modern homes.

Rounded and
circular forms are classic characteristics of retro furniture. Pair these up
with modern leather, wood and lacquer finished furniture. Opt for a few retro
pieces that have simple curves and lines. A dining room set can be decorated
with a dramatic pendant light which will update the space instantly.

You don’t
need to go overboard with the retro design. Introduce chairs of this era they
come in various colours and designs along with retro-styles tables. Add
patterned rugs and retro lighting which will instantly stand out from the
mundane and get you started in the right direction.

Keep the
retro design simple and keep the theme modern or contemporary. You can create a
sense of nostalgia without redecorating in an extensive manner.