How many Titles does the Florida Statutes consist of?
How many Chapters are the 48 Titles divided into?
1,018 Titles
What are the chapters divided into?
What does each section have?
A subsection
What is the primary role of the Child Care Professional?
Keep the child safe. Provide good nutrition and a healthy environment. Create an environment for learning.

What are the Gold Seal Quality Care Requirements a child care facility should not have?
Class 1 violations, no more than three class II violations, or cited for the same class III violations
What is the purpose of defining Child Care personnel?
defined to ensure the individuals who want to provide licensed child care understand training requirements and the need for background checks and screening. 
What agencies work with child care facilities to assess the background of child care personnel?
The Florida Department of Law EnforcementThe FBI
What kinds of records are checked during a screening?
Employment History, Statewide Criminal record checks through the Department of Children and Families (requires fingerprinting) Federal Criminal Checks
Who is the current secretary of the department of Children and Families?
David Wilkinson
What do we notice about the staff-to-child ratio as children get older? Why is that?
The ratio gets smaller as children get older because as childrenget older, the less supervision a child needs. 
What is confidentialilty?
The process in which documention is kept secret and not meant for the public eye.

What is promulgation?
to publicly announce – each county in Florida has to provide it’s minimum standards
How often is every child care program licensed?
What if there is a change in ownership?
A new license is required
What information should be provided to ensure that the child care program is meeting standards?
social security number and onKey-site review
What is a provisional license?
A license that may be issued to a facility which is out of compliance but can complete corrective actions within six months.;(Statute 402.309 Provisional License)
What is Statute 402.317 about?
Prolonged Child care
What can be lievied against a license that is out of compliance?
Who can deny, suspend, or revoke a license without putting it on probation status?
Department of Children and Families
What is an injunction?
a court order that stops someone from continuing an activity
What is in the statute of 402.


What is Section 402.3125?
Display and Appearance of license; posting of violations; information to be provided to parents
What is the name of the Department of Children and Families ;Brochure on Selecting a Child Care Provider?
“Know Your Child Care Facility”
What does Statute 402.315 consist of?
Funding and License Fees
What does Statute 402.

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318 consist of?

The Department of children and families has to spend their money on a certain activity. What is it?
The DCF has to spend the money on activities relating to licensing fees and the use ;of the money the fees generate.
If a child care provider lies about a child care program on an application what kind of action has he/she committed?
a felony
What if a child is harmed?
That person has committed a second degree felony