Leading makes sure this all stays consistent with the mission and flows smoothly. Controlling looks at everything as a whole and analyzes It to see how It Is working and when changes need to be made. All these functions come together to form one unit. Planning at McDonald’s has resulted in changes to the menu, updated buildings, and expansion of the company. When McDonald’s officially became the burger Joint we know today, it started with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, and a slice of pie. The main staple was the inexpensive hamburger.

The inexpensive hamburger Is still the star today, but there are tons of other options available. They have a plethora of coffee offerings, no potato chips, their famous fries, salads, shakes, Chicken nuggets, Filet-o-Fish, and the list goes on. They also constantly update their buildings. They used to have hard plastic booths and bright fluorescent lighting. Now the locations are more modern with steel and glass. Most have flat panel televisions and deferent sitting areas. What was one store are now over 30,000 locations worldwide. Planning helped bring about all these changes.

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McDonald’s wanted to expand and make more profit and realized that different menu options, longer hours, updated restaurants, and more locations would help them realize these goals and drive more customers their way. Organizing helps all the McDonald’s restaurants work together to get their strategies implemented into one cohesive unit. The Hamburger University helps get this done. What started In 1961 with 15 students has now had more than 80,000 restaurant managers, meld-managers, and owner/operators go through Its’ training. It makes sure teen are all on ten same page WI c an ‘s core values Ana processes.

McDonald’s was the first company to develop a global training center. Another organizing tool that McDonald’s uses is the Global Mobility Program. They feel that this helps develop their leaders even further and gives them insight to global operations and their impact globally. Good leadership helps McDonald’s coordinate all these different puzzle pieces. Fred Turner started out as a counter man and turned into the head of Operations. He helped define the quality, service and cleanliness that continue to this day. Jim Cantaloupe, a former exec that was brought back, helped the company out of a slump they had been going through.

It seemed they had lost their passion for customer arrive. He emphasized the “Plan to Win” program. It focused more on customer service and more quality than quantity. It took the company back to the basics that Fred Turner originally came up with. Controlling monitors McDonald’s and measures the effectiveness of the company. Controlling helps make sure expansion continue with convenience, superior value, and excellent operations maintained. They make sure all the numbers are adding up and if they aren’t they try to figure out why. They find problems that need to be addressed and realigned. In Europe, McDonald’s was not as much of a success.

Denis Henequen, the first non-American European operations president had to delve into the “whys” of all this. One issue that arose was that Europeans are more of lingering eaters as opposed to drive-through. Once the company crunched the numbers they decided to work with a design studio that helped create a much more dramatic style restaurant that encouraged their customers to want to stay longer. The redesigns were so successful that the company is considering importing them to the U. S. McDonald’s has had its ups and downs but through effective management has lasted over half a century and do not seem to be losing any steam.