Furthermore, he was also suspected to have played a role in the death of David? housekeeper and much loved babysitter, Marie. At the beginning of the novel attitude toward the Hayden name was largely positive. He was so proud to be a Hayden because in Benefactor they were very well respected. David? Grandfather was the first Hayden sheriff in Benefactor and when he retired ? found a way to do this yet retain his power In the country (peg 21). He achieved this by handing his sheriff badge over to his eldest son, father, Wesley.

In Dalton his uncle Frank was a well respected war hero In the town, o respected that after the war, members of the town came out to celebrate Frank? achievements at a big barbeques picnic. Not only was Frank a war hero, but her was also the town doctor. David was so proud to be a Hayden because they were so highly regarded in the town. Perspective on the Hayden name first began to change through overhearing a conversation between his parents. David was devastated to learn that the day Marie became sick; she had reasons as to why she want to see Frank. Other began talking in rage to father and concluded with brother has molested Indian girls and when he examines an Indian he, he does things he peg 45). This shocked David and automatically his attitude towards the Hayden name began to change. After David believed his father had spoken to Frank about accusation the unexpected soon happened. ? CҐ,-?accompany, August 13th, 1 948, Marie Little Soldier was (peg 86). This was the day that David thought his father had confronted Frank.

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It all fell into place for David though as earlier in the day that Marie was found dead, David had seen Franks truck cutting across the backyard of his house while using the next-door neighbors outhouse. David was convinced Frank had killed Marie and once he told is parents about what he saw, they were convinced too. This meant David was thinking less and less of the Hayden name; in fact he have much respect for It at all. What made anger and hurt towards the Hayden name was when Grandpa Hayden found out what accusations had been made by not David, but father.

Grandpa Hayden believe that Frank had done anything wrong and was taking Franks side. After father had tried to explain the situation and explain that Frank himself Enola want en Ana cone, Grandpa Hayden still n ‘a a “t Delves NV Ana was supportive of Frank despite the knowledge and information he knew. After many of ears feeling like the lower class son, David was convinced his father had Just been given his final disapproval from him Grandfather.

After Frank had committed Suicide and family began despising each other, David had not one ounce of respected for the Hayden name, in fact he was embarrassed and humiliated to have the family name. He was ashamed that his family had taken part in their actions and disgraced in the way the family dealt with the situations. There was so much angry towards the Hayden name at the end of the novel, which made it easier to understand everything that had happened and how David had change during the ours of the novel.

In the novel Montana 1948, it is easy to understand how so much hurt, shame and knowledge can make you turn against something or someone that has hurt or disgraced you. The people you look up to can let you down as well as your family, and are not always there to make you feel comfortable and happy. Knowing how much perception on the Hayden name changed is enough to know that no family or hero are perfect and never fully trust them with all you have. After all who knows what upsetting truth may arise next. By Courtney Stony Fairly word count- 784