A Movie Review of Accepted Accepted, watched in my listening class, is such a fantastic movie. It uses a high school graduate’s strange but meaningful experience to show audiences what successful and appropriate education should be like, and what’s more, what a student and a person should be like. Finding yourself is the main idea what this movie gives. In this movie, the main character, Bartleby Gaines, is a student who has been refused by all the universities he applied for.

To please his parents, he makes a fake enrollment notification from S. H. I. T, the South Harmon Institute of Technology, which is totally made up by him. Later, to complete his lie, he and his friends build a true school with the remains of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. But, what surprises them is that hundreds of students who are also turned down by universities come to their school just because their web page is too real. Bartleby decides to turn South Harmon into a real school in order to not disappoint these students.

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In the end, he succeeds, though there are many difficulties in this process. Accepted is a successful film. It was nominated by Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress, Choice Movie: Breakout Male, Choice Movie: Scream, and Best Specialty Stunt. It further discusses how high education should be like with its interesting and amazing story. Such story has little possibility to happen in real life, which is a satire to the current situation of education. Everything needs to change, including education and students themselves.

They should all come to the reality. In this movie, few people are saying the truth of lives. People emphasize too much on the surface rather than searching into the insides, which they really need. Students should learn what they really interest and go further inside to find themselves. The whole movie is a record of how a group of people find themselves in the process of building a real school. To search for yourself, this movie should be recommended. Life should be explored. So does yourself.