The Importance of Inward foreign direct Investment In the UK Is Increasing day by day because It Is working as a source of social economic development (Veldt, 2004). United Kingdom has become a prime attraction to the investors because there is cultural, location and geographical diversity in the UK (Mateo, 2007). Many countries of the world have a positive attitude towards foreign direct investment because of its positive impacts on the economy. United Kingdom treats foreign direct investment as a key driver of social and economic development (Crete, 2001).

Moreover, the strategies and policies of the UK government have played a significant role to attract the foreign direct investment since ass’s to late ass’s, which ultimately contributes to the export earning, employment creation and overall development (Esters, 2010). But the recent disorder of In the European zone has also affected the economy of United Kingdom. According to Hyman (Bibb united Kingdom is suffering from a lot of problems In attracting foreign direct Investment because of recent worldwide economic turmoil.

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The total Euro zone is passing hard times since the beginning of Euro zone crisis. So, if the economy AT ten I-J can De stimulate positively Walt ten senescent now AT Torrent direct investment, it will positively stimulate the total economy of the Euro zone. That’s why; this study is concern about determining the factors that affects in attracting foreign direct investment. 1. Aims of the study: This study aims to explore the foreign direct investment of United Kingdom and its relationship with some specific economic indicators. 1. Objectives of the study: The main objectives of the present research are as follows. (I) Critically identify the key factors attracting inward foreign direct investment for United Kingdom. Critically identify the benefits and outcomes derived from the inward foreign direct investment of United Kingdom.