Moreover, the multinational tobacco company could also reorganize or adopt the same public affairs strategy which is more popularly called as “The Iron Fist” wherein the majority of tobacco companies in the United States have utilized during the time when the entire tobacco industry has been stricken by various criticisms in the middle of 1990’s (Davidson, 2003).

In this public affairs strategy, the company could afford to be fearless and composed in protecting their company and their financial interests by means of answering only to the legal arena or venue, which is that of the court proceedings, where all these oppositions and disagreements are being discussed and debated. In this way, the company could afford to be as firm and offensive as their oppositions in the most proper and legal way to overcome such criticisms and threats in their business.

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Thus, through this approach the company could be assured that they are bringing and fighting their own battles in the apposite venue and the most legal method to prolong their business and make a stand for their right that they are operating and making business in the most legal and socially acceptable manner (Davidson, 2003). Furthermore, the multinational tobacco company could as well utilize another type of proven and tested public affairs strategy in tobacco industry which is called “The Velvet Glove” (Davidson, 2003).

In a sense, this strategy is believed to be one of the primary saviors for different international tobacco company in managing and resolving such crisis and opposition against cigarette smoking. In this approach, the multinational tobacco company could conceal their Iron Fist with the Velvet Glove by means of using their billions of dollars which they gathered from selling cigarettes in supporting various cultural and public activities in elevating social causes. In this strategy, the media or the local press could broadcast more positive reports against their company and advertise something good about their business.

In the end, with the above written facts and information about the opposition against smoking and the tobacco industry, it can be said that are various available and effective public affairs strategy that could be utilized by the multinational tobacco company in order to defend their business and protect their financial or economical interests. In the most appropriate and legal response, it can be said that the multinational tobacco company could overcome such criticisms and prolong their business interests despite of all the oppositions.

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