Throughout the movie the narrator is going through problems and the viewer soon learns that Tyler and the Narrator is the same person with Multiple Personality Disorder. When the narrator is sleeping or imagining Tyler, he actually is Tyler. The narrator does not want to be Tyler, so at the end of the movie he tries to stop all of the plans to bomb the banks but is stopped by Tyler. The movie ends with the narrator shooting himself in the cheek, which kills Tyler.

Also, all the banks get destroyed at the end. Relevant Theory Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociation Identity Disorder is where a person has one or more alternative personalities. Each other personality comes out Involuntarily at a spontaneous time. Most people suffering from this disorder get amnesia and cannot remember what their alternative personality did. This disorder has a very rare occurrence and is normally caused by the person being abused as a child or trying to drown out certain things.

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Doctors say that the person leaves the body and lets someone else take control because they do not want to experience any other terrible things. It is hard to believe that this disorder actually exists because it is so far out there, but it does exist. Relating theory to movie “Fight Club” does a decent Job at portraying Multiple Personality Disorder. At the beginning of the movie we learn that the narrator has a problem with insomnia and can barely ever sleep at night.

Multiple Personality Disorder says that people armorial go Into their alter state when they are trying to not Imagine or see things that they do not want to. When the narrator thought he was going to sleep, he would actually turn Into Tyler because he did not want to Imagine himself lying In his bed all night trying to sleep. That part does a good job at showing the true disorder. Also that he would not remember the things that Tyler would do when he was not actually awake or there. Also, it is true that people with this disorder would normally feel left out in the world.

Most people with it do not have many close relationships because it is so hard to maintain one, same with the movie. There are a few things that could have been different to make the ideas presented more closely relate to the theory. The narrator would imagine Tyler there at times as a real person. He would believe that the actions of Tyler were made by the imaginary Tyler, but the narrator would do them. A lot of the time we would imagining fighting Tyler but would be really fighting himself, he was punching himself and Just beating himself up.

It is also kind of odd how the narrator would learn all the random facts, Like how to make soap or doing the burn on the hand as the club symbol. “Fight Club” shows how a person with Multiple Personality Disorder does not have his or her life under control and it Decodes so complicated. For all ten accurate things Tanat ten movie portrays tout this disorder, the small things are not associated with this disorder do not need to be made a big deal out of. The director did a great Job at making this movie.