Hercules Parrot, a Belgian sleuth, happens to wander across a group of innocent, and possibly deadly, people on a long, nerve wracking train ride. Murder on the Orient Express by Ghats Christie is full of mystery, suspense and murder. When Parrot hears a scream in the night and a mysterious (not to mention frazzled) lady claiming a man was in her apartment, he is instantly suspicious. When the train discovers M.

Archest, an ex-con man, dead in a bunk over from the screaming omen, he knows there is a case to be solved. Throughout the book he is clever and quick thinking, resulting in the murder being solved with a surprising twist. There were many interesting and suspenseful parts, but the climax of the story was when the victim was found and when the murderer was discovered. It was so unexpected! When Parrot was telling all of the suspects on the train who had committed the crime, I felt like I was right there with them. The author did an excellent Job with detail.

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The hem was very unclear, but I believe it was that the truth might be right before you, even if it is hard to see. When Parrot looked beyond his confusion and Just thought about the evidence, he found the answer. This applies to real life situations, and has affected everyone at least once. Christie did a good Job making the ending and the theme different form other mysteries, which made the story even more excitable. Ghats Christie had a unique way of writing her books, which is probably the reason they are so fantastic.

If you decide to read one of her novels, I recommend that you are should be a strong reader, because she uses some advanced vocabulary. She also uses a little bit of French, but It Is basic words, such as and so that be a huge problem. I recommend this book for people who love mysteries and suspenseful novels. It kept me on my toes! The beginning was a little slow, and you may be bored for the beginning chapters, but once you get going you wont be able to put It down. Even though I usually read this type of genera, I loved It, and I hope you do too.