What are the three types of muscle tissue?
smooth, cardiac and skeletal
Smooth muscle can be found where?
walls of hallow organs – involuntary
Cardiac muscle can be found where?
Wall of the heart
Smooth muscle and cardiac muscle are _______________?
Skeletal muscle is responsible for what?
movement of bones, heat production, posture
Skeletal muscle consists of?
Tendons, fascia, aponeurosis
tendon description?
Connective tissue that extends from skeletal muscle to attach to bone
Fascia description?
fibrous connective tissue surrounding muscle organ (bundles of muscle fascicles – groups of muscle fibers)
Aponeurosis description?
broad sheet of connective tissue merges with another muscle rather than bone
There are more than _______ skeletal muscles
What are the 5 ways muscles can be named?
Location, function, shape, number of insertion sites and size
Description of muscle origin?
Does not move w contraction
Muscle insertion description?
Moves when muscle contracts
Flexion description?
Decreases the angle of a joint