Mushrooms were scribed as women because they can reproduce but they were unnoticed and ignored. In the beginning of the poet, Plate shows that women’s presence were ‘very whitely,discreetly, very quietly’ like they were not really acknowledgeable and moreover neglected. The poet reflect their condition as mushrooms which always grow and grow by multiplication but seems hidden, fragile, mysterious and powerless. Next, while they kept growing, they wanted the world recognize their existence to be seen but they were still Ignored Like they were weak.

However, they still survive and tried to change their unfair situation. As the time went, men seemed did not really care with their being but their populations became huge and massive from shapeless became something solid, fordable like ‘shelves’ and tables’. People around them began to realize and they became ‘edible’ because they were needed, then slowly became important. They were now powerful, solid and so many. The morning represented the sunlight which brought the reached of their achievement. Because of their massive numbers, they were able to take the world. From the poet explanation.

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It can be seen that people should not look down others because one day hey can be really strong even stronger than what we think. Plate poet has 11 stanza with 3 line each with irregular ending. Its structure is not that special but the words and the meanings in it is so deep and interesting. She uses all the subjects with plural form which show the large number and the unity. Moreover, she makes the emotions can be recognize easily by putting punctuations such as colon, exclamation mark and full stop. Each of them gives different sense. Colon means that the sentence still relate to the previous line and shows that it is an important message.

Exclamation mark in ‘So many of us! ‘ shows that the situation became more intense and deeper. Moreover she used repetition to it which shows the power were enormous. While full stop gives some kind of certain feeling. Plash’s poet really gives the reader such a serious emotion with a weak Illustration In the beginning and raising becomes such a strong Image. The satisfaction point from this poet is how Plate can illustrate mushrooms become human kind. She uses good metaphor which brings the poet become alive so that will be exciting to read.

In addition, it strengthen the sensation of the atmosphere of the situation. Personification way Is really well done and even though playing with senses Like ‘voiceless, earls and eyeless’ makes connection with the reader. Nine, wilt near great Ideas Ana wrestling, seen AAA EAI a Dialect Illustration wanly makes it so perfect. The line ‘inherit the earth’ from Matthew 5:5 which is said ‘blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth’ gives a perfect touch to the poet that even the women were weak, they were blessed and they took a great part to fill the earth.

To sum up, this essay has shown how brilliant Plash’s work. It gives us a knowledge that in the olden days females were looked down and ignored but today they can be like now because they unite, they force themselves and they want to step ahead and make a move. Then, with a good writing and the creativity of putting the punctuation, Plate success in making his poet gorgeous. In addition, there are many beautiful words to express their depression and sadness of people during that time. Therefore, it brings such a strong and deep emotion so that people feel satisfy by reading hers.