Musicinterview skills episode 1 how to be thebest prepared candidatepreparation that gives you the edgeMusicstep one identify step one identifyidentify your key strengths in relationto the job they are offering this simplymeans looking closely at the informationthey have sent you in particular theperson specification and job descriptionand identifying how you meet therequirements of the job don’t forget todraw on your experience outside work forexample if it’s clear that they arelooking for someone who can showinitiative and be determined you couldpresent experiences gained throughtravel overseas as strong evidence ofthese qualities step 2 prepareprepare some stories and examples havingstories and examples is absolutely vitalif you want to come across as acandidate with some depth of experiencethe formula to follow for each story orexample is first sentence describe whatthe problem was second sentence describewhat you did third sentence describe theoutcome for example when I moved into mycurrent post we had big problems in ourrelationships with suppliers the problemyou faced on your current job I set up aschedule of regular meetings with eachsupplier with the aim of improvingcommunications what you did to resolvethe problem we now have much betterrelationships and far fewer problemswith deliveries the outcome you got withyour effortsMusicstep3 rehearsestep3 rehearse why you should rehearsehow you will talk about your examples iscrucial interviews are often stressfuland when under stress we can be lessarticulate or fumble than normal thepoints you could make confidently andfluently with your friends won’t come toyour lips as easily when your palms aresweating and your heart is thumping fasthow you should rehearseis describing your examples out loudthis is important because it will helpyou get used to telling your storiesenable you to test out the exact phrasesyou want to useMusicwhat not to wear for an interviewrule 1 be smartsome interviewers will draw all sorts ofconclusions about you from the fact thatyour shoes aren’t polished smartnessmeans different things in differentorganizationsRule two fit inasking themselves perhaps unconsciouslywould this person fit in for the jobtheir answer to this question willdepend partly on what you wear in someorganizations everyone wears a smartsuit other companies are more casual soif at all possible hang around outsidethe building a week or so before theinterview at the beginning or end of theday to see what people wear to workrule 3 be comfortable there’s nothingworse than wearing a new suit shirt or ablouse that is uncomfortable or justdoesn’t feel right only wear clothes youfeel good in for interviews getting tothe venue of an interviewdo a dummy runto viewers take a very dim view ofcandidates who arrive late so it’s bestto do a trial run of your journey to theinterview venue if your appointment isat 9:00 a.m. make sure your dummy run isat the same time the journey will takelonger in rush hour find the coffee shopnot a pub when you do your dummy runlook out for a nearby coffee shop so youhave somewhere to pass the time if youarrive early some interviewers will beirritated if you show up half an hourbefore your interview don’t make themistake of going into a nearby pubyou’ll come out smelling of cigarettesand alcohol even if you’ve been sippinga lemonade at the venuebe nice to the receptorunisttime’s the interviewers will ask thereceptionist for his or her views ofeach candidate sometimes thereceptionist will find a way of makingthem known anyway that bloke in the grayshirt was a bit rude so treat thereception staff as if they were part ofthe interview panel visit the cloakroombeforehand not just for the obviousreasons but also to check yourappearance do your hair and makeup looklike they did when you set out from homeis your tie hanging where it should beand has not been blown over yourshoulder unnoticed controlling yournervescontrolling your nerves the first thingto remember is that just about everyonegets nervous before a job interview andthat includes the candidates you arecompeting against remember also that youfeel more nervous than you look theinterviewers can’t see your heartthumping or your stomach churning youmay feel you are blushing or perspiringmore than usual but the vast majority ofinterviewers simply won’t noticebefore the interview try the followingbreathe in deeply through your nosecounting to ten then exhale through yourmouth while counting to ten repeat forone minute concentrating on relaxingyour neck and shoulders you can do thison the bus or train or while sitting inyour cartry humming to loosen up your voice oryawning in an exaggerated way to relaxyour facial muscles you can do thiswhile walking to the building where theinterview is being held to relax yourshoulder musclesmake a fist cold it then relaxthat completes episode 1in Episode two we will cover topics likemaking an entrance at the interview bodylanguage etcthank you for watching this 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