My future goal is to be a legal
advisor. A legal advisor is an expert approved to specialize in legal
matters. Lawyers defend people for the crimes they have committed.

I am straightforward and
completely honest in battling for what I need or believe is right.

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Being a legal counselor mean that there are many obligations to do.

It takes a lot of time and tolerance to complete the job,which I’m
certain I can deal with. Being a legal advisor can be a hard job.

I’m currently studying at Prince
Mohammed University, majoring in law. And after graduation, working
in a multinational law firm is a sensational dream for me. I’ve
recently discovered this international law firm that has a branch in
my city, and is in more than 40 countries around the globe. DLA Piper
is a worldwide law firm handling with the most important cases of
clients wherever they work or whatever field.

In this report, I will list the
opportunities, challenges and the demands in this firm. I will also
mention my career path.

Background of the Company:

DLA Piper is an international law
firm, with offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa
and Asia Pacific. In my city, they are located in The Khobar Gate
Towers, on the first level. The firm was founded and established in
January 2005 by a merger between three law offices: San Diego-based
Gray Cary Ware and Freidenrich LLP, Baltimore-based Piper Rudnick LLP
and United Kingdom-based DLA LLP. (DLA Piper, 2017) Legal counselors
at DLA Piper have wide knowledge and in
and finance, crimes.The
firm has solid practices in employment, leisure,
insurance, intellectual property, litigation, mergers and
acquisitions and have created groups in pensions, private equity,
real estate, tax, and technology. (DLA Piper, 2017) In 2014 it was
announced that DLA Piper was the third biggest law firm in the
United States by revenue.

at the Company:

in a multinational law office gives a great deal of chances and
advantages to employees. As a worker of DLA Piper, I would get a
great looking pay which will increment with my promotions, and will
be demonstrated as a skilled worker. Being a multinational firm, the
clients of DLA Piper are of various nature which will give me a rich
affair of my field. DLA Piper embraces that ladies should make-up no
less than 20% of the employees so as to enhance gender adjust and
ethnic variety inside the firm. DLA Piper depends on universal
standards and it gives best working conditions to its employees. By
working in DLA Piper, I would have the capacity to enhance my skills
and get their preparation program which is greatly functional and
intuitive. I can likewise benefit rewards and bonuses on yearly
premises which DLA Piper gives to its important workers.