Arms features various components that represent my family and Its history. In my shield, I have the outline of Ukraine, the Lava church, pasha, and a book and pen. The outline of Ukraine represents that both my mom’s side and my dad’s side are Ukrainian. The Lava church is an Orthodox Church, and it represents my religion. My family is religious, and my ancestors are weekly church go-errs.

My next suture represents some of my family heritage. Making pasha for Easter is a tradition that has been passed down for many generations. My last picture on the shield is a book and pen and it represents a lot of my family profession. My mom and dad were teachers in Ukraine, and so were my grandparents and their parents. My crest that I chose Is the national symbol of Ukraine and It Is translated as the three-tooth.

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The meaning of the symbol Is freedom and that Is very Important to my family cause we feel blessed to be free. I have a Cossack and a Lion supporting my shield. The Cossacks fought for Ukrainian Independence and perhaps my great-great-great ancestors were Cossacks. The lion represents bravery, and bravery is an important quality that my family passes down. Lastly, the motto I chose is “One for all and all for one”. It means that if an individual in my family supports the whole group, then the family supports back.