In my life it’s the only object that I own that is symbolic in my life. I have had this bat for 7 years now. It symbolizes my passion and commitment towards cricket. I have many memories attached to this bat that that helped me stay motivated. This bat Is the only memory I have of my grandpa. Since 7 years I have had this bat every time when I practice, I spend some time practicing with this bat.

Every time I play with this bat I feel like my grandpa is watching me and supporting me. Whenever I needed him, he was there for me and always was supportive to me. That bat keeps me motivated to play cricket. My grandpa was my coach and helped me learn a lot of techniques. He gave me all sorts of coaching required to become a good cricket player. He was my coach, mentor, and my friend. He passed away when I was 15. He left me when I needed him the most. It was his encouragement that still keeps me motivated. After he passed away, I started focusing more on cricket.

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At the age of 17 1 fell during practice and injured my back. That injury puts a hold on my advancing career in cricket. I felt like my career was over. His encouragement that he used to give me when he was alive helped me get through the Injury and also helped me stay motivated. I always keep his bat with me whenever I am playing or practicing cricket. Whenever I need motivation and encouragement I always play with his bad and It helps me a lot to gain my mind strength. I am working hard to make a comeback and hopefully I will by the end of this year.

When he passed away, I made a promise to myself that no matter what I have to keep playing cricket. When he passed away, I was heartbroken and depressed. It was so sudden and unexpected. H died in a car accident. His car was hit by a drunk driver In California, I played 27 league matches and achieved many achievements that helped me improve my stats. 19 out of 27 matches I used his bat. My ultimate goal after I make a amoebae will be to book a spot on team USA and play against international teams.

It will require a lot of training and hard work. It’s my dream and was also my grandpa’s dream to see me playing for the team USA. In USA cricket is not a very popular sport and It needs attention and support. My grandpa also organized many small inter- school tournaments. He also wanted to Introduce cricket In local high schools. In Illinois snowy weather doesn’t allow us to play cricket full year long. We can only play cricket in summer time and when the weather is above OFF.

In the State Texas cricket is growing rapidly and now they even have a cricket stadium. Finally, in conclusion, my cricket bat that was given to me by my grandpa keeps me motivated and also it keeps me committed towards playing cricket. Since his passing I have made many Improvements and also have recovered from Injury. I miss him, but en Is In a netter place now. I nope to make ml proud NV one clay Day playing Tort team USA. I also hope to start cricket in school and college level to promote this sport.