When I first started kindergarten, I would go for only half of a day, and my parents both worked full time jobs so my grandfather would pick me up from school and we’d o to the local ice cream shop and I’d always get chocolate ice cream, in a cone, with blocks of bubble gum in it, and he’d get banana split. After we finished our ice cream, he’d bring me to the playground until my parents got out of work.

I would play on every piece of equipment there, the swings were my favorite though, because he would push me as high as I could go and he would always get into detail about how, no matter how high he pushed me, I would always come back down due to gravity. He would always get Into detail about how things work In the world, and more importantly, he taught me to observe the world around me much closer, to learn how things work. My grandfather would explain things about the world like how I would always know which way the wind was blowing, by watching the direction the clouds were going In.

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We would also play a game called “why Is that there”. My grandfather would point to an object. And ask “why is that there? ” and if it was something man- made, like a telephone poll or a house, I would reply “because people put it there” and if it was something natural, like a tree or a flower, I would reply “because it’s supposed to be there”. He had a fun way of teaching me things about the world, without me even realizing he was teaching me something If the weather was bad, and we weren’t able to go to the playground, my grandfather and I would go to his church and play in the gym.

Sometimes we would bring toys with us, like my favorite Barbie dolls, and he would sit there and play with them with me for the entire time. Other times I would get Into the lost and found box and dress up In all the weird clothes put on plays for him. Then there were the times where he would bring a basketball, and we would play a one on one game for hours, ND no matter what, he would always never let me win, and even when I did win, he would still tell me I lost.

I would always complain of how unfair that was and he would always tell me “as long as you know you played well and won, it doesn’t matter what I say, does it? ” I guess looking back at that now, he taught me such a valuable lesson. As long as I know what effort I put into something, and how well I succeeded, it doesn’t matter what anyone saw. I really enjoyed my days with my grandfather. I honestly don’t think I would be the person I am today, without learning so much from him. He Is such an intelligent person and always had some sort of wisdom to rub off on me.