My aim to pursue Master Programme in
Electronics/Telecommunications is fueled by my desire to better myself
academically, improve on my career prospects and contribute to development


I have more instructive and
illuminative studies at my undergraduate level. Most precisely the classes
and laboratories I take part in helping me to dissolve my determination to
devote my long-term career to this field. During my undergraduate study amongst
the subjects, I was exposed to courses like Microwave Engineering,
Electromagnetic field and waves, Radio and Television Engineering, Digital
Signal Processing, Computer Networking and Securities, Embedded System Design,
VLSI Design, Cellular Mobile Communications, Wireless Communication and
Telecommunication Engineering enthralled me. Also, emphasis on Lab sessions
based on Coding and Modulation Techniques, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Storage
Oscilloscope, MATLAB software and Networks greatly enhanced my interest in the
field of Telecommunication.

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My reason for applying to the University of
Gavle is that it is an international center for research and education with a
time-honored history and have a strong background in Engineering field. The
faculties of this university are salient among its counterparts in this field
with the powerful scholastic resource, vibrant intellectual atmosphere, and an
extensive curriculum. It is also an opportunity to meet different people from
all walks of life and help me to appreciate my own. Moreover, the hands-on focus of the program and the links to the
industry will prepare me for long-term success. With the successive
international nature of today’s telecommunications industry, it is important
for me to study in an international environment away from my home country.


After completing my M.Sc. I
expect to have my Ph.D. in this relevant field and apply what I have learned to
drift the communications industry forward and thus benefit society and globally
as a whole. This
will be very great time to be working in the Telecommunications industry, as
technology is evolving rapidly and new applications are being revised
constantly. If I can work at the growing edge of this industry, I know that I
will have a career with enriching, meaningful, and be rewarding in the long