As human beings, we always have that one person who has an impact on our lives. It could be a positive or a negative influence. The first person who impacts my life is my mom. She has a very positive impact on me. My mom is the strongest women Eve met. She’s a hard worker and very patient. She does her best to make me, my dad, and my other siblings happy. She taught me everything from how to eat and tie my shoes. How to react to any situation and be patient.

She made sure I know all the little things and details. No matter how bad of a day she had, she would always be there to listen to me. I talk to her about everything. She always makes me feel better after talking to her about all the things that make me uncomfortable. Her solution to every problem I have makes my life easier. When I was about 10 years old, I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. I was hardly able to walk. She was always by my side helping me. Whatever I wanted to do, she would do it for me.

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Even when I needed to use the bathroom, she would take me and say “don’t worry I’m not looking”. Breaking my leg made me realize how much my mom loves me and cares about me. It also made me realize how much I need her in my life. Our families play a large role In who we are today and who we will be In the future. My mom will always have the biggest Influence on me. The amount of love and care she gives me will always make me succeed In life. I pray to god that she will always be In my life and on my side.