She teaches you how to share and most importantly, teaches you that she is there for you whenever you may need her. Looking back, my mother is the most positive and important influence by teaching me the fundamentals of life. Ever since I was a child, my mother has taught me to treat people the way I would have liked to be treated. She had taught me to believe In the good in people and to not hold grudges. I learned to never let miniscule problems agitate me and to let these obstacles blow over, She has always been a great conversationalist In that she empathetic with the speaker and I have tried to take on that quality for myself.

When I procrastinated In my studies she taught me that the only way to get somewhere In this life is to work hard. Because of her influence, I am in school , and now aiming for a degree. She has always influenced me to push myself further when I was close to giving up. Being such an incredible person, she had taught me that it is okay to be weak and emotional because she would always be there for me to confide in. The emotional support she had provided me has been extraordinary.

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I lived alone in Miami, Florida and although I was physically alone, she was always available to me emotionally. Her support and unconditional love for me made everything so much easier manage. During my young times of life, she was battling alcoholism but did not feel It was necessary to tell me or any of my brothers. She knew that me being so young, would not be able to do anything for her and the news would be detrimental for me. Instead, she would send me away so I wouldn’t see her when she was intoxicated and wouldn’t see her as a bad parent.

By her having this disease I didn’t have a mother there for me my whole third grade year of school. Which mad me think she was giving up. But She is so full of wisdom and so responsive to my motions she survived the disease. Also She knows exactly how I am feeling by judging the look on my face and it feels so incredible to have her understand me without me verbally explaining anything, which makes me think because of me she changed and spruced up. I know that only a mother would be able to understand someone that well and that is why I consider my mother so astounding.

Not only Is my mother there for me for emotional support but she also provides me with physical support. When I first moved out, before I had a Job, she tried her best pay for my classes. She never wanted money to be an Issue when It concerned my academics. Of course I would never physically accept money from her but the fact that she would offer it to me, regardless of whether or not I would take it is amazing. Seen NAS approver me Witt a place to stay In near none. En consolers near none as my home and always makes me feel as though I belong there. Before I leave for work in the mornings, we wakes up and makes breakfast for us two and we have amazing conversations over coffee. She knows waking up early for me is completely unnecessary and I have told her so but I have learned that she does not see it as an obligation. She enjoys doing it and telling her not to would be offending to her. She is so remarkably selfless and caring. She is not only a mother as she is also a giver.

My mother has helped me become the person I am and I know it is all from the love she has given me. She is the most important person in my life and she means the world to me. I respect and appreciate everything she has ever done for me and I hope one day, I can provide the same for my children. For a mother is not Just the person that brings you into this world but also the person you can always go to for answers, lessons, and support. A mother will love you regardless of everything and will do anything to help you go further in life.