My experience with behavior support was the time in secondary school when I had a friend with Autism. During the time spent with her, I didn’t have much knowledge on how to support a person with Autism, however, all I knew was to respect and monitor her behavior and her moods and help to find a solution. My perception and attitude coming into this class were that positive behavior support is an approach to advance communication and social abilities and furthermore diminishing conduct issues and difficulties. When I began taking this class my discernment and state of mind change. It made me gain knowledge on how positive behavior support is a concept of human behavior and how it focuses on positive behavioral change techniques for different of setting like school, home, and community.My attitude and belief about behavior are that behavior is a component of the dynamic interaction between the individual and the state of nature. Power and choice, constitution, sense of self, communication skills, physical and social environment and psychological states are the factors that influence behavior.What I understand about positive behavior support is that is a practical approach to improve and comprehend behavior problem across the lifespan. Positive behavior supports the emphasis on the use educative, proactive and support in communities and schools. It also concentrates on the personal satisfaction and behavior. Positive behavior support began in 1980 from the limitation of behavioral technology, disability rights movement and the emergence of powerful instructional and invention technology. There are five processes of positive behavior support are 1.    Development of behavior support team: Developing a group of key stakeholders who are engaged in the person’s life and involvement of family and friend2.    Person-centered planning: Discussions and conversation about the dreams and vision of the individuals.3.    Functional behavioral appraisal: deciding the capacity of the person’s concern conduct and understanding and keeping up the issue conduct4.    Hypothesis development: offers recommendations about the motivation behind the issue5.    Monitor outcomes: Checking the changes in the behavior and accomplishment of new abilities.  What I understood from positive behavior and quality of life was that PBS enhances lives like dreams that move towards becoming reality.PSD is a way of living, thinking and acting. It fills all aspects of lives, which is driven by relationships, person-centered, dignity and participation. In conclusion, the learning is enhanced by the standards and values of PBS.