My career has taught me that opportunity for growth
and feeling ready for it does not always occur in perfect harmony. Sometimes growth
is more about instinct and risk than preparedness and training. I have learned
to stop asking myself if I feel ready, and instead seek growth in new
experiences that challenge and transform me.


In 2014, I was working as a social media manager at
a large marketing agency. Opportunity knocked during a typical sales meeting
with a prospective client. My colleagues and I were pitching a small ecommerce
technology startup that was interested in obtaining marketing strategy and
social media services. Instead of initiating business with the agency, the
startup recognized my potential and proposed to hire me as its director of
marketing. The offer was incredible—to be the first marketing employee and
build an entire marketing department from the ground up—but the prospect of
this position was daunting. How was I going to go from social media manager at
an agency with endless creative and technical resources to creating a marketing
department at a business in which every minor success was critical to its

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I wrestled with doubts, but ultimately decided that
no self-imposed barrier would stop me from seeking new challenges. Without a
roadmap or process in place, I tested strategies, learned from my mistakes,
improved on my successes, and iterated again and again to grow a sustainable
and effective department.


Becoming the director of marketing changed my career
trajectory. I learned to hire and train people, own and manage a budget, and
become responsible for the growth that was needed to transform a small startup
into an established business. In three years, I saw nine employees grow to
forty and one million in revenue grow to ten. I learned that marketing is not
an isolated function, but core to an organization’s culture that requires a
general management perspective.


An MBA education from Kellogg will combine my
propensity for applied learning with a foundation of business fundamentals that
unlock my skillsets, validate my instincts, and shape me as a future business
leader. The core curriculum will ground me in the functional areas necessary for effective management, while the marketing major
and experiential learning classes, such as Digital Marketing and Commerce, will
equip me with an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior for a
post-MBA career in brand management.


Growth will occur outside the classroom too.

Kellogg’s culture, its emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, will pay
dividends for my future career. In my first semester, I will apply for the
Kellogg Marketing Competition to test my creative and collaborative skills. By
becoming an active member of the Kellogg Marketing Club, I will enlist in
opportunities, such as Super Bowl Ad Review and Brand Battle, that are designed
to go beyond core concepts to
apply practical skills.


Kellogg’s balanced curriculum will cultivate my
business fundamentals and brand management mastery. The hands-on learning
opportunities will prepare me to take the skills that I have learned in the
classroom and solve real-world scenarios. The culture will enable me to thrive
in groups that are diverse in personalities, experiences, and strengths. An MBA
from Kellogg will give me the tools
to lead confidently in the face of evolving
challenges and increased opportunities that await my future career.