The word purpose is a very dynamic concept used to describe an individual’s destiny or lifetime goal. Some individuals know their purpose in life and some spend a lifetime trying to find or fulfill that purpose . However, my ultimate mission in life is to lead people to my lord and savior Jesus Christ by using my musical gift of singing and through my ethical lifestyle choices . I have recently discovered my purpose, y mission , and my lifetime responsibility .

To ascertain that purpose, I used similar tactics that Sir John Templeton outlined in his book, The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life . I diagrammed a web on a sheet of paper displaying my gifts, interests, and past memories altogether . All of these collaborated aspects of my life led me to the conclusion that my goal is to lead people closer to Jesus Christ. I plan on accomplishing this goal by living according to the word of God . I am a pastors daughter and my purpose relates to my lifestyle evangelism because others will bserve how I live and how God miraculously moves in my life .

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I also plan on bringing people to Christ through encouraging and uplifting people by using my musical singing ability . God has helped me through some challenging times . Now I can hopefully express this through my music lyrics and show others that God can do the same for them.. The principles that have always guided me have been the words of my parents . They always told me, ” People are going to observe your life to see if it represents Christ. Others that do not know him will pay attention on to how you live. I always kept this in mind in handling my day to day issues and situations .

These words of wisdom always touched me because it helped me realize that if I don’t live like I should then I will give Offa negative connotation of who God is and what he stands for . For example, one of my classmates was dealing with a tough situation concerning her child. She thought nobody knew , but rumors quickly spread in the school and everyone knew about her situation. Her baby’s father did not want to take responsibility for his son and it forced my classmate to have to handle all of he financial burdens alone . It was a struggle for her to get the baby clothes, food and pampers.

Coincidentally one day when I came to Calculus class , she was crying tremendously . Once her head lifted off the table she looked up at me and yelled , “Why do I see you always happy all the time , don’t u go through stuff like everyone else? ” I replied, ” Yes I do, but God has given me Joy through it all. ” I began to tell her my story about what I was currently dealing with concerning my life . She was amazed by what I was telling her because my countenance never gave the mpression that I was going through challenging times as well .

I began to tell her about now Jesus Christ can give ner the same Joy . Atter our conversation ,sne telt uplifted and was able to find a decent Job that paid very well . In addition , the child’s father and my classmate reconciled and he began taking responsibility for the child . As a result of watching my lifestyle, she was inspired to know that she can hold her head high even through troublesome situations with confidence knowing that Jesus can help her . A famous preacher ,Bishop I. V Hilliard, once said that your gifts were given to glorify your savior.

When he said that, I understood that I shouldn’t use my talent for me, but to inspire people. I plan on getting vocal training to enhance my productivity in this area . In five years, I see myself becoming an inspirational singer that will be singing across the nation. This goal may seem unrealistic . However, it is not because I am very adamant about accomplishing this goal . It is amazing how my passion of singing can be used to fulfill my purpose and give me the fulfillment I truly desire .