intended graduate nursing program is Advanced Certificate in Family Nurse
Practitioner – Doctor of Nursing Practice (FNP-DNP). My desire and enthusiasm
to advance my healthcare education in the United States have grown over the
years. Two professional career goals include providing primary care in an
underserved area, especially providing primary care to my fellow Latino
population in Spanish when necessary. I would also like to pursue primary care
as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force. My aspirations have
been motivated even more by listening to nurses in the Air Force speak about
their experiences during a deployment to a war zone. Being exposed to things we
may never see in the civilian world is something that I am enthusiastic about.

I want to be there treating and helping our soldiers recover from injuries
sustained in war zones. I know I may see things I am not prepared for, but I am
an individual with a focused personality who is always prepared to take on any
challenge and I welcome the life-changing experiences that may come up.

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someone that has grown up in Brooklyn, NY I have been present many times while
my mother receives medical information in English (which is not her primary
language). Although she understands some English the reality is most of the
time they should have called an interpreter. As a nursing student, I have had
the honor of providing care in Spanish to many Latino patients. They felt such
joy and happiness to have someone caring for them in their own language. They
were able to express themselves and they were more comfortable asking for what
they needed. I recently had to take care of a Mandarin-speaking patient and
using the interpreter phone was not an easy task. I understood for the first
time why many providers prefer to skip the interpreter phone if they feel the
patient understands even a little bit of English.

outstanding professional qualifications and friendly nature enable me to
successfully maintain organizational standards in civilian and military
settings. These personal traits have enabled me to perform a variety of tasks
related to health care in different places that have diverse cultural and
social orientations including but not limited to the NY Air National Guard,
which is a department of the Air Force, Mental Health Facility in Philadelphia,
PA and most recently as a new Clinical Nurse in a Level 1 Trauma Center in our
Nation’s Capital – Washington, DC. Ultimately, pursuing my next level of
studies at PACE University will be able to complement my passion for broadening
my knowledge of health care. As a New Yorker, I have always been aware of PACE
University and it’s reputation for quality programs. There are so many
opportunities to continue expanding on my new Master of Science in Nursing
degree, and it would be a privilege for me to do so at PACE University.

Motivation, compassion and a desire to help others are essential to
professionalism, especially in health care, and I am certain I possess these

plans to alter my professional and/or personal obligations to have the time
needed for graduate study include decreasing my shifts at work the moment I
feel overwhelmed. The beautiful thing about nursing is that you can do just 3
shifts per week and that is still considered full time. I don’t have children,
so personally, I don’t need to alter much in my life.

has always been a need for more primary care providers in the US and I
completely understand why the demand for more Family Nurse Practitioners has
grown over the years. Physicians want to focus on specialization, leaving a
large gap in Primary Care.