love for law steams from my interest in justice, development and rewards. For
many years now the Human behaviour has been changing over the decades and we
have been discovering ways to adapt to our surroundings, ways to create a
better and safe living environment. In sayings so we created a foundation that
people used to develop themselves as a person, this foundation allows one to
feel free, to be treated with equality and fairness, which can be labelled as
our Human rights. On a day to day basis our Human rights are definitely a major
problem that we face currently in many different societies across the UK, Law
has continuously throughout time been able to rightly justify the actions of
people to a great amount of satisfaction while dealing with underlying issues
appropriately. Therefore, I have decided to chase a career in this field as I
would be able directly practise Law in the act to help others in times of
difficulties. Moreover, by studying Law I strongly believe it will better my
judgment and reasoning skills as an individual which in the future would
improve my morality and virtues.

 interest in studying Law has lead me to
do some independent research into several different outstanding and successful attorneys
and one attorney that really caught my eye was Kimberley Chongyon Motley. Her success
as an attorney became very well-known, she was also know for being the first
non-Afghan attorney to litigate in Afghanistan since 2008, in one of her
interviews she stated that there was a lack of justness within the Law, due to
the fact that the law was set in place to protect our citizens and not cause
conflicts. What interested me most about Kimberley Chongyon Motley was her
drive, passion, devotion and constant hunger to do the right beside people. Moreover,
Kimberly’s work really outlined how lawyers can have such a big impact of those
that are oblivious to how law can benefit their lives. In saying I am also a
young woman willing to devote my time and passion towards helping others. Furthermore,
my greatest wonder is why our society and the legal system, do not point out
economic exploitation as and abuse of human rights; for it is the root of
poverty, which elicits crime. If the creation of Law is to curb injustice, why
has it not been used to eradicate this injustice? Studying law will hopefully
help me find answers to my  questions
while teaching me the proper methods of conduct, providing me the power to
assist and aid those in need of help those get of out of this cycle of
injustice that we are faced with within many different societies and

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