My Sisters keeper is a heartwarming, and powerful film. It depicts the life of the flagellated family, and the struggles they face with a daughter dying of leukemia. The love that they have for each other Is unconditional, but are delved In the fate of there terminally ill daughter, Kate. Untimely, this story is about the everlasting bond between sisters, Anna and Kate Fitzgerald. After watching this film, you are left with a tear, but unsure if that single tear is of sadness, or happiness.

I am the middle hill of three girls, and I dearly do appreciate my sisters even after the hatred “l am never going to speak to you again” fights. For years growing up friends, family, even neighbors always said you must appreciate your sisters because when your older that’s all your going to have. My mother made me and my sisters watch this film called “My sisters keeper” I was not very pleased because I read the book and it was onto very good novel. Surprisingly, after viewing the movie I found it to be very entertaining, for it had an interesting plot once seen as a movie.

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The movie had strong characterization, and believable-looking special effects. The plot Is the sequence of events In a story. In my sisters keeper the plot was pretty basic but the way the story was told completely changed the out look on the story and how it was formed. In the “My sisters keeper” the story was basically about a young girl named Anna Fitzgerald who looks to earn medical emancipation from her parents who until now have relied on Anna to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate to keep her alive. It seems quite cruel of her to sue her own parents right?

But the story has a twist that surprised all the viewers. Turns out Kate was the one who wanted Anna to sue her parents because she was tired of seeing her sister suffering surgery after surgery just to help her knowing she was going to die anyway. The sweet heart of the parents trying to keep one daughter alive while one is suffering by being a Donna all her life for the sick sister. The characterization used In this movie was as If they were a real family they all had their own perspectives on what they thought should happen with Skates disease.

Anna Fitzgerald a 13 year old girl who enlists the help of an attorney to help her sue her parents to the rights to her body. She is a sweet little girl whom you think she is sick of helping her sister she is only helping her sister no longer suffer because her ill sister Okay knows she is going to pass away soon even with a transplant of a kidney in Which she needs to survive but doesn’t want it because she knows her sister is suffering. Kate being the sick sister has caring loving heart and doesn’t want her sister to suffer anymore than she should. The Sisters form an unbreakable bond. E two characters are completely different personality but have unconditional love for each other when family is priority. The father plays a character of a fire man although he is quite quiet you see the love in him when his daughter is about to pass away and she wants to go to the beach and the father takes her out of the hospital with the family to spend it together. The mother through all this is going crazy because she doesn’t want her daughter out of the hospital. But you can tell her Canaan -cater Is a caring mother out Is anxious so Just wants near gaunter In one place.